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       Best computer protection steps in 2021,  

In this new digital age, everything on the internet now. Started from online shopping, searching for information, persona banking, gaming, etc., and many more essential activities happening through this only. Internet connectivity becomes an essential part of our lives now. We exchange personal information through computers, Laptops, Mobile, etc. but what are the computer protection steps you have taken.

All these gadgets connected through the internet but are those secure enough? All such devices having our personal information inside, don't you think that you require a strong computer system? because these all are personal data, may be financial data, bank information, medical information, or official data that are important. This personal information requires good protection to protect from theft, loss, or damage. Go through the below computer steps for your data safety.

These computer protection steps in 2021 will help you to secure your system, so you can ensure your personal information safe and protected. If your system not protected, then there is a chance of data theft may be. Unauthorized fraudster's access may damage your system by stealing that critical information while you are connecting through the internet.

These computer protection steps describe the protection options which are available to you. Go through these security practices and you can avoid cyber threats. You can make your system secure from cyber-attack.  Sharing some tips below, which can help to minimize cyber risk while you are online.  

Secure your system from unauthorized access:
You have to ensure that your system is protected from unauthorized access. This is 1st step you should ensure for computer protection. An unique password needs to be used. Use strong authentication for all social media account like email, Facebook, Instagram, banking account, financial accounts. Strong authentication using fingerprint, one-time password codes receiving to a mobile device for account authentication, is more secure. 

Make a set up a complex password using special characters like #@! %*&” etc. along with numeric numbers and alphabets. The password should be a minimum of 8 to a maximum of 15 characters long. Brute force attacks can be avoided by regularly updating your password from time to time. A stronger password is critical for a hacker to crack it using brute force applications. You can reset your password every 90 days cycle which will help to avoid unauthorized access.

Maintain regular updates of software or applications.
While maintaining your computer safety, ensure downloading important software or required applications from the original manufacturer or operating system provider only.  Your computer operating system, browser, and important applications should get updated regularly as per supplier or original software provider update notifications. Take an automatic update advantage if it's available.

Firewall as computer protection :

A firewall is a computing protection system that is made to prevent unauthorized access from an external network or internet to the internal network or your system. It is a network security device. No unauthorized user from an external network can not get access to the internal system or network. The firewall prevents external unlawful access. All messages which are allowed can only follow through the firewall, the rest will be blocked, whether it's from an internal source to external or vice-versa. 

Your operating system might be having a software firewall inbuilt, which you need to enable or make it ON to block external unauthorized access. From the control panel of your system go to system and security and select the Windows defender Firewall option to switch ON firewall.

Windows defender firewall

Anti-virus software protection :  

Antivirus software installation and enabling the same is very important for the system to safeguard from virus attack, which ensures your computer protection. However licensed software is more reliable than a free one. Try to procure a licensed one and install that in your system. Anti-virus software is a computer program that actively scans for virus presence in your email, operating system, and system files to prevent, detect remove the malware. A quality Anti-virus software runs the periodic scan, update which helps the user to stay updated with the latest software version and protected. Take an example of Trend Micro Anti-virus or Antivirus software. It's having multiple security features to safeguard your multiple devices, data, etc.   

Antivirus scan

You can selectively enable Privacy Scanner, Social networking Protection, Pay Guard while paying online, and Data theft prevention which is also a very important feature. All such software like Trend MicroMacfee, etc may provide cybersecurity for your system. Antivirus software tools also help you to protect your system from unauthorized access including virus protection.
Antivirus maximum security

Configuring Folder Shield, of Trend Micro Maximum security you can ensure to prevent your important files from ransomware. Sometimes we also need to ensure the complete deletion of data from the hard disk. For that, you need to switch on the secure erase option. Configuring this will ensure to complete erasing of our PC internal data from the Hard Disk so that no one can restore that afterward. Configuring, the Password manager will help you to manage the different passwords for your other accounts, it will manage your multiple passwords securely. Use the vault feature you will be protecting your folder to prevent others from seeing your sensitive data. 

Antivirus software feature
Antivirus software tools also help you to protect your system from unauthorized access including virus protection.

Anti-spyware and anti-malware protection :

We need more defense systems to install to protect the computing device from Spyware and Malware. These can damage network devices, computers, etc and these are cybersecurity threats. You have to ensure anti-spyware for your computer protection. Installing anti-spyware and anti-malware helps to protect your system from these cyber threats. These software programs like an antivirus program its detect, prevent, and remove malware and spyware related infection from your system to protect from computer security threats.

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Protect your identity and personal information:  

When you are using the internet or online, you should be aware of your identity safety. You should know how to protect your personal information online. When you enable the protection system, it can help to reduce your risk of identity theft. While you are working on email, browsing different websites, using social media, or doing online shopping, be careful to click or submit any information. Because there are multiple websites or hackers who can get your personal information trickily. Software protection tools you should use, enable before accessing such internet sites.

Be careful when using Wi-Fi, 

Avoid using the free public Wi-Fi network, because this can be vulnerable. Try to use a paid and protected network that is password protected and encrypted. While using an encrypted website, can protect only the information you are sending and receiving. A secure wireless network, always protected for sharing information.

Check the website Privacy Policy. 

The privacy policy is a document for visitors to a particular website, with a short clarification of what is allowed to observe for visitors to that particular website. It can be long and complex, having information showing that, how the site maintains correctness, access, security, and control of the personal information it collects, how it uses the collected information, and whether it provides information to third parties or not. You can decide your further steps seeing that privacy policy.


Hope these computer protection steps helped you to understand the protection requirement and steps. You can select suitable software tools for your system's safety. If you find this article informatics and helpful, please share with others and request your feedback, suggestions in the below comments box. 

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