7 steps for digital marketing?


Digital marketing steps

What are those 7 steps for digital marketing to achieve business goals? 

Digital marketing or online marketing is based on the internet or website. It’s a marketing approach that mainly depends on the internet to connect with targeted customers or audiences. Here will discuss those 7 steps for digital marketing you should know to achieve business goals.

Since starting of the internet journey, it is gaining popularity. It becomes more popular as smartphones and other devices use increasing day by day.

Social Media platform

As digital marketing or online marketing is dependent on the internet, so follow these 7 steps for digital marketing to achieve business goals.

Internet Marketing

There are few steps to do digital marketing. You have to customize your digital marketing strategies depending on your need because every business, having a different market target where websites are also not the same.

Digital marketing

The online market is growing, and multiple options are available to market your website depends upon the marketing requirements, which you can use for your website to market.

Digital Marketing media platform

There are different online marketing or internet marketing areas on digital platforms and have multiple ways to market your business on the internet.

Email marketing

Different types of digital marketing platforms like Email marketing, Affiliate marketing, Blog post, E-book, and White papers, Mobile marketing, Conversational AI, etc.

Blog Post marketing

For more details on this visit " Digital marketing definition ". So What are those steps for digital marketing?

7Steps for Digital Marketing.

1 Goal Setting,

It’s very critical defining goals when you are to first start in digital marketing. Plan your strategy as per your requirement.

Marketing Strategy

You have to make a clear goal to achieve success. Without it, you will be directionless. Your effort will not help to meet your business target if you miss these steps for digital marketing.

Without identifying social media objectives, you can get few likes and engagement but those will not convert to business.

Social Media marketing

So it’s important to shape a digital marketing strategy once you have decided on marketing goals.

2 Targeted audience

There is no targeted audience in conventional marketing; however, in digital marketing, you can define your targeted audience.


Without your targeted audience digital marketing will not get that expected result. You have to identify your target audience first to take advantage of digital marketing.

3 Budget planning for digital marketing,

Budgeting depends upon what type of digital marketing features you are incorporating in your digital marketing strategy.

If you are outsourcing your work, then obviously you have to plan for your budget. However, for inbound traffic or audience, for the existing website, you need to focus on creating high-quality content, which your audience will be consuming.

For such inbound traffic generation, a technique like Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social media along with high-quality content creation needs to focus and your time will be an only investment here. So your goal has to be defined clearly before do a digital marketing strategy.

4 Creation of attractive content.

Once the budgeting plan is complete, then you have to target your audience in line with your business. When you have your budget ready and planning of targeted audience, then you can focus on the creation of good attractive content for your different digital marketing platforms.

If you think to start with blogging then you have to decide to create engaging content for your audience. Else, you can use social medial platform, Email marketing newsletters, etc...

Why referring a blog post, because any new business should have a blog post for branding. For introducing a new product, and publishing regular product updates, you require a blog post. Blog posts contain can create your brand value. 

In a blog post, your content should be attractive to your audience and engaging. If you are new and want to start through blogging then visit “learn about blogging “and plan accordingly. You can also do publish your content through Email, using the email marketing platform. 

So attractive and engaging content is necessary to get your audience. Good interesting content helps your branding and lead generation.

5 Digital content should be mobile-friendly.

The increase in social media uses also trigger an increase in smartphone requirements. 

Smart Phones

People are busy on social media through their smartphones, so it is a key component of digital marketing. Worldwide people spent the most time in digital media through smartphones only.

Smart phones

So, it is necessary to optimize your digital content, ads, Webpage and social media images for mobile devices. Those should be mobile-friendly. 

This means a mobile-friendly webpage helps people to browse comfortably with a hassle-free experience. 

Therefore, you have to keep in mind that details of your content, related images, etc., should be displayed and available properly when people access those. 

Different ways are available for optimizing these and when you are planning to implement any digital marketing strategy, it is very important to you to focus seriously because people with good experience will convert to business queries to you. 

6 Keyword research for the targeted audience.

How your customer will know about your products? In a digital marketing platform, SEO plays an important role for your website or the digital content you published.


SEO optimization is very important for any digital marketing content you publish.

Without proper SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) optimization, getting an adequate targeted audience is critical. Read “what is SEO or SearchEngine Optimisation?”. So search engine helps the audience to get their exact search item or content with the help of “Keywords “.

"Keywords research" is important and needs proper research before publishing. Therefore, you have to do keywords research or keyword analysis before publishing on social media.

Proper keyword research helps to optimize your website/content for SEO and ensuring the audience finds your website/content through a search engine.

Social media keywords research is very helpful for products marketing or services on different social media platforms.

Before doing any keyword research you have to prepare, a few questions and answers related to your marketing products or services. Example:

What people may search for?

How many people may search for that?

What details they will be searching for?

Keyword research can help you with exact search key data and help you to find your answer. To learn about Keyword research you can refer to " The beginner's guide " from MOZ.

7Rework based on analysis.

To do successful effective digital marketing you need to analyze your customer response or audience.

For long-term strategy, it is very important to understand and analyze effective marketing.

After few months if you observe, that your audience is not good at your content on Facebook then you have to check in either Twitter or Instagram.

Sometimes republishing the same content may not be useful, and then you have to publish new content with more details so your audience takes an interest.

Maintain your daily nutrition.

These seven steps for digital marketing are essential for your business to attract a good bulk audience, which can turn into a profitable business. 

Hope you have enjoyed the article and it is helpful to you. So request your comments, advice in the comment box. 

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