What is internet of things ( IoT)?

 Internet of things ( IoT)

The internet of things (IOT) simply explained.  

The Internet of Things (IOT), the term is now very familiar to everyone and I am sure that it’s also familiar to you. Though most of us familiar with this but maximums are still confused about iot or internet over "things". Everyone should know about this and the uses of iot in our lives. Now uses the internet going high and we are always on the internet using social media like Facebook, Instagram, sharing WhatsApp messages, etc and doing work from home in this COVID-19.  

What is internet of things or what is IOT? know about iot utilisation and  impact of IOT on our daily lives, and why iot is important. How internet of things (IoT) enable smart devices and can change our daily lives, our world. Though it is just started and we are observing its unbelievable power. Just think, days are coming when all devices of our home, workplace, the car will be connected through the internet and will be controlling those far from outside. 

Very soon our useable devices which you can imagine – will be in a "connected environment" to the Internet. Whether it’s your phone, wearable tech, or everyday household objects, the internet of things (IOT) will connect us in ways we can’t even imagine yet.

Why IOT is Important?

It’s become the most important technologies of the 21st century. Through IOT, you can connect every device like "dumb objects", along with the "digital or electrical devices which we regularly use in our "daily life", will be in a "connected environment" with seamless communications to control that devices.It like a physical world connecting with the "digital" world. 

How IOT works?

IOT internet of things, its technology which uses the internet of things as a network of physical devices that are implanted with software, sensors, and network connectivity to collect and exchange data. 

Interfacing of IOT devices require related applications and networks. IoT will make daily uses devices and objects to "smart" by enabling them to transmit data with accuracy and automate those tasks, without any manual intervention.

You can think of a "smart city"  with "iot sensors" across all of its regions. A very good example of IoT may be the “Smart Home”, where IoT helps you to control everything in your home. You can control everything of your home electrical appliances, lighting and surround sound, etc. Any object which can be connected to the internet and control, those devices can be treated as an "iot device". 

How Industries can benefit from IOT?

IoT can be beneficial for organizations implementing IoT with  "iot sensor"  "iot application", networks, etc in their business processes. 

It will be beneficial in implementing in manufacturing, autonomous vehicle technology,in transportation and Logistics, retail, public sector, healthcare, waste management and general safety etc. for all industries. 

Implementing this in the manufacturing production floor can give a competitive advantage to the organization. Using this technology production-line monitoring enables proactive maintenance for equipment against sensor alert. Iot "sensor" can detect future failure information and can generate alert or notification. Sensors can actually calculate production output if compromised.  

With the help of iot sensor alerts or notifications, manufacturers can quickly check equipment and take the required action before any production impact due to failure. This way it’s can reduce operating costs, get better uptime, and improve asset performance management.

The automotive industry also can get a significant advantage of using iot. IoT applications, the sensor can help the automotive industry more beneficial in its production line. 

It's also help to "track" vehicles in a more advanced way providing data to CAR owners for better care management. It's also beneficial for the "transportation" and logistics industry through various iot applications. Inventory can be equipped with sensors for "tracking", tracing, controlling, monitoring while transporting. 

Through required applications and sensor data, trucks, ships, the fleet of cars, trains that are carrying the inventory can be monitor, control, and routed as per the requirement. 

IoT can help to protect inventory from all levels of threats. Retail companies can manage inventory, improve customer experience, better the supply chain, and reduce the operational costs implementing IoT.  

The benefits of iot in the public sector and other service-related environments are also wide-ranging. It can also improve tracking physical assets, improve worker safety, employees who are working in risky environments such as mines, oil and gas fields, and chemical and power plants, need to know about the occurrence of a hazardous event that might affect them.  

Additionally, it can also help in the healthcare industry. Hospital assets can be tracked to ensure proper uses and also helps in various health care activities.

What is IoT enabling technologies?

          IoT is supported by multiple technologies. 

Several technologies like Big data analytics, wireless sensor networks, cloud computing, Embedded Systems, Security Protocols and architectures, communication protocols, web services, Mobile Internet, etc. 

IoT Enabling devices

 IOT Trends for shaping your future better.

All these below IoT trends would amaze you because this technology changes already started happening in the world of technology and will shape your future better.

Massive Growth,

Massive growth in this because, In relation to the other type of technology, the IoT devices typically collect more data and information about the devices and the users, and process those. As mentioned, IoT devices having the major part for reporting and tracking.

IoT technology trends

Due to this progressing iot technology trends, we can easily understand that it will expand to the extreme. IoT works on collecting massive data and   "Artificial Intelligence" can get those essential data.

 Smart Cities 

This technology can provide the opportunity to make smarter cities. Through the integration of iot within responsive cities can reduce traffic congestion, help in more development, and improve safety.  Its trend can help to exchange data between the private and public sector and will help in society.

Smart City

Smart home 

predictive maintenance boost up by IOT

In the coming days, you will be getting information about your home appliance status, plumbing leaks, electrical issues so that you can avoid sudden breakdown of those. The home appliance devices will guide people of the house what they should do.

IoT smart Home

IoT is sensor-controlled and your all home appliances will be controlled through those sensors in the "iot trends". There will be a new business opportunity in future homecare-as-a-service will be introduced. No matter you are at your home or not, it will take care whenever any problem.

Energy and Resource Management,

IoT can play a bigger role in energy management. The iot products which can be fitting in the electric panels are usually available in the market, and those can monitor the energy consumption, which can be utilized in-home, shops, etc. 

All these iot trends can be easily integrated into resource management which will make the life of people more comfortable and easier. 

For notification integration, Push-notifications can be added for sending notifications through the smartphones when the energy threshold will exceed. The other features, like indoor temperature management, controlling sprinklers, etc. can also be added.

 Cloud Computing the future of IoT, 

IoT in cloud computing

Data Protection is going to be one of the most important security trends. To have a device that is already a connection to the internet can be harmful your personal data can be hacked. 

Infrastructures for smart homes, autonomous vehicles, and wearable devices data will be important and can be hacked anytime by hackers if not secured, also those private data can be sold for many purposes, and this is the reason cloud computing comes into the picture and can help to build up the future of iot in a secure manner.  

Security Awareness and Training,

There will be a requirement of security awareness and training program for iot. This  technology requires safety along with training. The training will include basics awareness, such as the difference between benefits and risks and other security recommendations. IoT security training with awareness is very essential. Mentioned iot technology trends will require users' awareness also so that people can use the benefits of technology securely.

IOT Security by Blockchain technology,

This is a major challenge for Internet of Things (IoT) security and privacy, because of massive scale and for its distributed nature of IoT networks. 

As you know "Blockchain" can provide decentralized security and privacy. However, as it involves significant energy, delay, and computational overhead may not be suitable for most of the IOT devices. 

As Blockchain is a decentralized distributed ledger—is a revolutionary technology and it can become the key to overcoming IoT security challenges.

Blockchain IoT Security

A blockchain-based approach to iot networks may solve many of the problems faced with the current model and improve security. 

Blockchain features of decentralization, easy accessibility, and advanced encryption an effective weapon can help to fight with IoT cyber threats. 


This article on Internet of Things trends or IoT Trends for your awareness, This trends you must know and prepare yourself accordingly for the future. Do you like the IoT Technology Trends that I have mentioned? Please share your comment in the comment box.

Also, if you know any other IOT trends that can be added here, please let me know through your comment in the comment box. Your views are very important to me for growing further and please do not forget to share these IoT trends with your friends for their awareness.  

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