What is cyber security awareness to learn?

" cyber security awareness means to the warning methods which used to protect information from being stolen"

      Develop Strong "Cyber Security awareness "   
The method used to protect information from being stolen, compromised or attacked. This requires an understanding of potential information threats, such as viruses and other malicious code. Its strategies include identity management, risk management, and incident management.

Troubled by increased tensions between China and India and India's initiative to boycotting Chinese product, China trying to finding out new ways to harm India.

Sustained ever-increasing tension between China (China) and India (India), China is now beginning to extract the details of Indian companies. Chines paid hackers wants to harm Indian media as well as telecommunications companies, security institutions of the country, pharma companies and many construction companies. As per News agency's report, saying that the growing tension between China and India and troubled by India's initiative to boycott Chinese product, China is finding new ways to harm India. Chinese hacking community is trying to target Indian media, pharma and telecommunications companies.
" According to the sources, Chinese hackers planning past several days decided to take revenge on India for the initiative of boycotting Chinese product in India and the increased tension on the Indo-China border and preparing to target Indian companies for this. "

According to the sources, Chinese hackers planning past several days decided to take revenge on India for the initiative of boycotting Chinese product in India and the increased tension on the Indo-China border and preparing to target Indian companies for this. In few days back, many Indian soldiers were martyred in the clash between Indian and Chinese soldiers. The central government also recently announced a self-sufficient campaign to promote national products in the country.

Also, this was reported, conspiracy in other languages ​​- According to the report, these Chinese hackers talk in Mandarin language to prepare any plan. It is the main spoken language in China but very few people understand it. These cybercriminals are taking advantage of the weaknesses of the web application and are preparing to damage the websites of Indian companies and security institutions and steal data from there using special malware. Some companies getting targeted by Chines hackers - this group of cybercriminals of China belong to Gothic Panda and Stone Panda, who are being told that they also have links with People's Liberation Army. This hackers’ groups are the largest hacking group in the world which includes more than 3 lakh people. The report said that 93 per cent of these hacking groups are funded by the People's Liberation Army of China or the Foreign Ministry of China.

Chinese hackers are also keeping a close watch on Indian media. It is preparing a list on the forum named Dark Web. This list includes all the major media houses of India as well as the Ministry of External Affairs, Ministry of Security, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting are also in the list of these Chinese cybercriminals. 

How cybercrime can happen?

Now the present scenario is more vulnerable for cybercrime. Moreover, the chines hackers now active. Cybercrime rising day by day. Presently due to COVID-19 outbreak, employes are doing work from home.  People are working from home in lockdown to avoid corona epidemic. 80 per cent of the companies in the country do not have adequate arrangements to protect systems from growing cyber-attack. Such methods of computer, internet and functioning of these companies are such that anytime an attacker can steal their data and cause great harm to them. Only 20 per cent of the companies' resources are capable of withstanding cyber-attacks. Reports from FICCI and Ernst & Young, ie E&Y, state that 80% of the companies in the country have all the flaws in their servers, network and internet-connected infrastructure. Hackers hack the system and ask people for money.

There is an open exemption for use of pen drive in all companies, while the password is also not used in WIFI, moreover, people use free WIFI technology which is vulnerable from cybersecurity point of view. People should avoid using Free WIFI to keep their system protected This poses danger. In the era of Corona epidemic, all the spam emails and links are sent, by clicking which the whole system can be hacked while working on the computer. Also, in many cases, it has been seen that the hacker hacks the system and asks people for money.

What is this security process and are those security services?

Many organisations offering security services, that help monitor and protect your information using a variety of devices. A lot of penetration chances are there, some examples of this are forgetting to update the Computer or Laptops system software or system operating system, opening a spike phishing email without understanding, or unknowingly install malware.

Viruses like malware are like real viruses. You want to stop them in their initial stages. Simplifying this process by combining several security protocols, tests and routines specifically implemented to ensure the security of your data.

For your better understanding just keeping an example like this:

Imagine an IT organisation focuses primarily on digital solutions for his internal digital problems. They prioritize network security and one of their primary services is data security. Under their data security services, they cover many areas.

First, they enable organizations to continuously monitor their systems in real-time. This is so that they can catch any discrepancies as soon as possible.

Secondly, they practice security evaluation, code review, and penetration testing to give you a clear idea of ​​how strong your network is.

Finally, they work on the application and cloud security and are one of the few third-party assessment organizations.

Organisations also ensure the internal compliance as per the international organisation of standardisation  (ISO) standard to ensure all security measures marinating as per the policy and process. 

Businesses are enhancing levels to minimize their vulnerability to cyber incidents and breaches, according to Hiscox. The annual Hiscox Cyber Readiness Report 2020, which measures businesses’ preparedness to combat cyber incidents and breaches, surveyed professionals from different countries like US, UK, Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and Ireland who are responsible for their company’s cybersecurity, between December 24, 2019, and February 3, 2020.

Financial damage caused by cyber-attacks, 

A battle has emerged between cybercriminals and businesses. In the US, only 41% of respondents reported that their organization experienced at least one cyber incident or breach compared to 53% last year, though the median cost of all cyber incidents in the US rose from $10,000 last year to $50,000 this year. Therefore, cybercriminals have been doing more damage in fewer, although more sophisticated, attacks.

What are the 5 Important strategy for getting back to work securely? 

As governments withdrawing lockdown orders, company leaders are seeing policies, technology and processes that will help to protect their workforces. Many of these factors rightly centre around health and safety, but you must also acknowledge that all of us are still targets for cyberattacks as per present developing situation. The new work-from-home world has pushed limitless holes in security perimeters, so organizations must prioritize data security preparation as well.

While we Going back to work securely, according to a recent (ISC)² study, its shows that 23% of internal security leaders said their organization has experienced an increased in attacks since employees started working from home due to COVID-19. During this work from home, ensuring data protection is a very vital task as  Chinese hackers are active to make potential damage. 

While 50% expressed that they believe they have been following best practices, the same security leaders also said they could be doing more to secure their remote workforces. This situation has established that the bad guys don’t go on vacation during a crisis.

What changes happened in the environment during that time? And, what changes have not been made to best protect it? This is the gap that CISOs are charged with filling as companies consider returning to work-as-normal. It remains unclear when many areas around the world will reopen. As some states and counties communicate their intent to open up (or have already started to do so), the time is now for security leaders to take the steps needed to ensure the transition is secure. 

Here are some key factors to consider:

1. Conduct vulnerabilities Scanning,

Laptops and other systems have been allocated employees to continue their work remotely. But while out of the office, those not connected to the corporate network as people were doing work from home through VPN, and VPN may not have received the necessary systems update like OS, app, AV and GPO updates that they normally would. This presents a risk to organizations when those devices reconnect to the corporate networks. It may not be possible to scan all devices before they return to the network, but security leaders should consider doing this where they can – as well as preparing processes to validate devices returning to the corporate network.

2. Secure validation for quarantine devices returning to corporate network.

Following a zero-trust model will ensure that security leaders are accounting for any potential risks that may have arisen due to remote work. Only allow devices access if they have been validated as secure. While initially quarantining devices by default may introduce some user experience and complexity challenges, in this type of scenario it is an important step to minimize risk.
3. Educate employees on best practices,

Given the fast nature of the change, there was little time to educate workers on best practices for remote working. The advantage security leaders have in transitioning back to the office is that there is plenty of time to be proactive in educating employees on best practices, as well as threats like targeted phishing attacks that may look to take advantage of the transition.

4.Readiness for those who will continue work from home.

While some employees may require to work in the coming weeks or months, that may not be possible for all employee. As per the present scenario IBM, TCS and other big IT organisations decided that they will pull 66% of employees for work from the office and other 33% will continue work from home. Some employees may have underlying health concerns that put them higher at risk, making it safer for them to stay at home, or perhaps they have children at home that need to be cared for. So, that means not only preparing for a secure return to work, but also for the possibility of needing secure long-term remote work solutions and policies.

 5. Updating the security approaches.

This is the unique opportunity during this time of pandemic crisis to reconsider the strategies for the long term. That may comprise using silent networks to baseline network activity for a better understanding of the strange activity, also rethinking security policies and procedures for remote work. However, leaders should take some time to step back and think about this crisis which has taught them about their organizations and any security weak points that were exposed. That information can inform strategies in the months and years to come.

Conclusion: We should be aware the current situation and arrange to protect your systems from cyber threat maintain those 5 steps. 

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