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Basic SEO factors for Search Engine Optimization. 

This is an introductory article and overview about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). What are those basic SEO factors that can affect search engine optimization and impact your business?

If you are an online marketer or running a website then you need to understand the basic SEO factors for search engine optimization.

If you want your website should be found through a google search for generating mandatory traffic then you should focus on search engine optimization. SEO takes an important role in digital marketing.

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Here are the fundamentals and tips on search engine optimization (SEO) to further boost genuine traffic flow for your website.

Reading this article till the end you will be able to understand what search engine optimization is about, and how it works? Learning about SEO marketing, and how you can use it for your business?
This is a simple basic SEO guide, highlighting important SEO factors, for your understanding and focusing on search engine ranking which is a vital part of “internet marketing” or “online marketing success”.
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If you are starting an online business and developing your website or redesigning your website, you may feel search engine optimization is scary initially, but it’s not so scary if you know about this and how it works.
In general, this is considered a complicated process and it's confusing, but that’s not the fact. You can turn this simple SEO definition into an effective process that can generate long term success for your business.
To improve your search engine optimization, you do not require to be a master of SEO but simple knowledge of basic SEO factors can help, even if you don’t have any experience in it, you can still start with making some positive changes and achieve google ranking.
Search Engine Market share
Search Engine Market Share
So SEO is essential for any online business or internet marketing or eCommerce business even for new blogs, youtube, and websites.
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Presently new advanced technology like artificial intelligence ( AI) algorithms are getting used for different search engines like google SEO, Bing SEO, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the marketing process to build, improve the quality and quantity of website traffic towards a website or a web page from a search engine. This is very important to remember that it's not actually the paid traffic, rather generating organic traffic from a search engine.
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What SEO targets? Its target is unpaid traffic means organic traffic, not paid traffic.

Basic SEO guide?

Search engines are commanded by computer programmed algorithms and it controls the search engine behavior like, what people are searching, what are the search terms or keyword typed into the search engines, what will be the targeted audience, and related preferred search engine. Without SEO performance a website can not get more visitors for the web page.

Types of online marketing
As a business owner or online marketer, you should know how you can use SEO to get more traffic towards your website which leads to sales and ultimately converts that traffic into revenue and does profit in business. 

The business with the best search engine rankings, everyone understands the importance of knowing search engine optimization inside out, but it's also true that they should have sufficient knowledge on the basics of SEO first.

SEO definition :

'SEO" is an abbreviation that stands for search engine optimization, which is the process of optimizing your website to get organic, or unpaid traffic from the search engine result page.

In other words, SEO meaning involves making certain changes to your website design and content that makes your site more attractive to a search engine.

You might be expecting that the search engine will be showing your website result on the top of the search engine result page.

The process for search engine optimization is easier than it appears to be, but it may impact your web page ranking if not correctly doing. SEO meaning and SEO marketing can seem complex due to the different aspects. However, search engines want to provide the best service for their users.

Search engine results on the search engine pages are not only high quality but also relevant to what people are exactly looking for. To provide quality, relevant search results, search engine regulars do crawling or scanning for different websites to better understand the website.

SEO process
                Search Engine Optimization

That means search engines deliver more accurate results to those who are searching for certain topics or keywords. The same way search engines perform the scanning to understand how easy the site is to navigate, available, and easy to read.

Search engines provide a higher ranking position of a site when it finds users friendly to its search engine page result. SEO is a simple process by which someone should make sure that sites rank high against relevant keywords and phrases. Refer to free "keyword tools" for keyword analysis

As an example, suppose you wrote an article about how to do online marketing. To make your content available in front of the right people who are searching for that, you have to work to optimize your article post so that it will come up as the highest result in a search for the phrase “how to do online marketing”. Multiple benefits of implementing search engine optimization for your business website or article.

What is the benefit of improving your SEO?

By improving your SEO, you can work to expand your visibility on search engines, which helps you to reach and engage more potential customers. You have to create more attractive and effective SEO focused content, so it can increase your chances for bringing more targeted organic, engaging traffic.

When you are adjusting or modifying your website and related content it will give you the highest visibility and reliability and helps the search engine. When you are at the top in SERP ranking, you should not settle for a low ranking.

What are the factors that impact SEO?

SEO marketing which is true and actually works with proper implementation helps to generate results. So what are those basic SEO factors that can impact your search engine ranking? It's also true that Google never gives away the exact algorithm used for rank sites.

However, as per best of understanding and findings, some factors can impact search engine optimization ranking.

These factors affect both on-page and off-page. What are those factors which really affect On-page and Off-page SEO optimization?

What should you focus on about content marketing? 

Content is effective for both attracting the search engines and helps to make more connections with site visitors. SEO is more effective on your visual and written content. If you can give quality, relevant content to your site or blog, search engines can put your page in higher rank on the search engine result pages. 

Quality of content depends on various points like spelling, which is very important than the paragraph you are placing in your content, then another important is the title. While mentioning the title you should be very specific and give the title related to your content, and mention header, subheader, etc.

Search engine optimization also depends on engaging and effective content you have on your site. Content should engage visitors to spend more time on your website, and how many clicks visitors do on your website and make a purchase, etc.

For search engine optimization and visitor attraction, you have to create different types of content with well-written topics that are relevant to your audience.

Content like blog posts and articles, Social media content, white papers, and E-book. You can focus on these to improve content for search engine ranking.

Tutorials content, content on guidance, tutorial videos and audio recordings, Infographics, or other visuals content you need to focus on for SEO ranking. SEO keywords, meta tags, meta descriptions also are very important to focus on to optimize. 

SEO keywords and phrases are also very important to focus to optimize. Users may type some words or phrases as a search to get answers for their required products or service, which search engines immediately find the relevant search keyword or nearer to the search keyword as a search result.

At the time of creating content, you should focus on those keywords and phrases, so it will improve your chances of ranking higher for those keywords on search engine result pages. The distribution of keywords in your content also matters.

Can fresh content also matter? 

There is another important factor that can impact SEO ranking, that is how fresh your content is. It's related to how often you are posting new content to your site. It's not that, you have to post new fresh content every time.

You can freshen up by updating your earlier posts, renewing them to make them more effective, or adding new relevant images, information, etc. 

However, creating content takes more time and resources which is more than pay off in the end.  Search engines require great content and users need quality content for a better understanding of their knowledge or purchase. Engaging good content helps the utilization of resources and in turn, creates revenue.

Start with creating a few blog posts and work for building the following groups in social media. Share with your loyal fans on social media. Once you have a group of bulk followers, then you can work towards creating a different type of media to attract and engage new audiences and convert to business leads.

What is On-Page SEO Optimization?

The on-page SEO factors are those elements that happen on your website page. You can have complete control of these on-page SEO factors, which means that you can work to improve these factors over time by following best practices for SEO.

This is a deeper level of your site’s HTML which goes beyond content marketing. Find below are just a few of the on-page SEO factors which  can help you to improve your search engine ranking:

Title tag: The title tag on each page is the identification of that content that tells the search engines what your page is about. This should be 70 characters or less and should be including both the keyword of content focused on and your business name.

SEO ranking factors

Meta description: The next is very important is the meta description. Meta description sn the description for your website which tells search engines a little bit more about what each page is about. 

Meta Data SEO

This meta description is also used by the visitors who access your page to better understand what the page is about and whether it’s relevant or not. This should include your keyword and also provide enough details so that the reader can understand the content easily.

Sub Heading

Sub-headings: Subheadings not only make your content easier for any visitors to read, but they can also help improve your SEO ranking. In the WordPress platform, you can use H1, H2, and H3 tags to help search engines better understand what your content is about. In Blogger you will find, Major Heading, Heading, Subheading, Minor heading, etc.

Building internal links:

You should apply to use building relevant internal links in your content or do hyperlinks to other content on your page, it can help search engines learn more about your site.

Take an example, if you are writing a post on a specific product or service, you can link to the product or service page in your blog post.

Google Crawl or Scan websites by internal or external links, using a bot called google bot. Google bots work on sitemaps and databases of URL links discovered at the time of the previous crawling, determining the next destination. Refer to the link " create google sitemap".

When it finds the new links at the time of crawling, it adds those links and makes a note of them for the next update for indexing. This determines the frequency of crawling for that particular page. Please ensure correct crawling for Googlebot while indexing your site or page. Will discuss more on this in my next blog post.

Image Name and ALT tags – When you are using images on your website or within your blog content, you should also include your keyword or phrase in the image name and alt tag. By adding this information as an SEO definition for your page or site. This will help search engines better index your images when users give an image search for a certain keyword. Coming up with more details on this in my next article.

What is Over-optimization? 

Over-optimization is a critical factor that may cause penalization. When you strategically place your SEO keywords and phrases on your pages, it’s important to avoid over-optimization, which means you should avoid too many keywords on your page.

Google and other search engines will penalize your page if it finds keywords used too many times throughout the content. Also, you want to make sure that each piece of the content focuses on limited keywords. You should try just one or two keywords so that it helps to ensure your content is specific and relevant for SEO. 

Many keywords at once may impact negatively on your search engine optimization. For SEO, site content plays a vital role in ranking, it's also important to consider your site architecture. The optimization process also ensures SEO definition for all parts of your web pages. 

Good website design makes it easy for search engines to scan or crawl your website pages and content. While you build internal links between pages, creating a site map, and submitting that sitemap to search engines, both can help improve your site's crawl ability and give search engines a better understanding of content, but site architecture is another concern as its related to your website mobile-friendly or not.

Most of the consumers search for their requirements through mobile devices. If your website architecture is not mobile-friendly then it will impact user experience and also affect SEO optimization. You need to ensure that mobile users can view, read and navigate your website from any mobile device.

What is Off-Page SEO optimization?

Off-page SEO factors can impact your ranking. Though you do not have direct control over these off-page factors. There are few ways that you can improve your chances of having these factors which can help in the optimization. 

What are those off-page SEO factors which can impact your search engine rankings:

Trust – Trust is becoming an important factor for Google ranking. Google finds whether your site visitor can trust. The best way of building trustworthy sites is building a quality backlink from sites that have authority. 

Links - To do off-page SEO, building backlink is the most popular way, but be careful about spamming sites with your links can damage the SEO ranking. So try to build backlinks with trustworthy sites, rather you can take time to build relationships with influencers and fans who create quality content and link back your site in their own content.

How social factors impact?

Social signals, such as likes and shares, are another important off-page SEO factor. Quality shares can boost SEO, you want to look for quality shares from influencers. Try to publish quality content and share it with your social links. The more quality content you publish, the more likely people will be sharing your content with others, though it does not have your direct control.

However, you can increase your chances of improving off-page SEO simply by creating quality content that others will find valuable. By this, you can get the attention of more search engine users. The more relevant and interesting content you publish, the more likely others will link to your content and share it on social media. The more people trust your content, the more search engines will as well.

Black Hat vs. White Hat SEO Definition:

Till now, we’ve discussed SEO and how it works. For more on this, let's break it down even further. When it's about SEO, there are two different approaches to optimizing the search engines – black hat vs. white hat SEO. 

One way is to only focus on SEO so that sites can rank quickly and you can make some money in the short-term. Only to optimize the content Black hat SEO uses some tactics for the search engines. That means that particular websites or organizations are not considering the human visitors to read and navigate their site content.

They bend or break the rules to improve their site rankings to make a quick buck. This process to SEO produces pages that are often difficult for people to read and turns them into spam ultimately. Though sites may rank quickly these sites often get penalized or banned by search engines.

However white hat SEO is an effective approach than black hat SEO. It's an effective approach for search engine optimization for your business. 

Now I hope you can understand why search engine optimization is important for your business and White Hat SEO is an effective approach. This approach involves focusing on targeting the human audience for getting clicks on reading sites’ content. Your website SEO definition ensures you that your digital content is easily available to find out and view.

This type of SEO optimization goal is to produce the best content on a site which is easily available for the audience to read and navigate, following the search engine’s rules for optimization. 

Also, remember that black hat SEO tactics can help you to rank quickly, but it's also true that the search engines will ultimately figure out how you are doing this and immediately penalize your site and your site may not be able to come back from the penalties,  depending upon the severity of the offense.

To do a sustainable online business try to bring organic traffic over time, you should follow SEO marketing best practices and create effective unique content so that your visitors find it valuable. 


Hope it's clear to you basic SEO  factors and their impact on search engine optimization.  Now you can do changes to your site to further improve your SEO towards boosting your rankings on the search engine results page. As you know that your SEO meaning and effectiveness impact by multiple factors, but the most important is to consider whether your content is valuable and relevant to your intended audience or not.

Please note that search engine optimization takes time to show its magic. Benefits of SEO you cannot experience overnight. Practically it takes months to enjoy the results of your hard work.

Publishing quality good content will attract your human visitors, which is the best way to build a sustainable online business that will continue to bring new organic site traffic for years to come. 

If you liked this article, request you to share it with others, and please don't hesitate to comment in the comment box. Thanks for visiting.

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