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Welcome to my Tech Blog 

The Blog-insider technology website focus on emerging technologies affect lifestyle, economy, and politics. It also covers information on current and future trends in technology, digital marketing, products, and related guidance.    

Bio: I self an IT consultant, blogger, and friend. While doing consulting services, also started my blogging journey through this "Blog insider Tech Blog".

I believe sharing information is the only way to get connected with people and grow. Information sharing is the only way that can give you peace of mind and success.  

As a technology consultant, while doing consulting for IT infrastructure and data security, I started using this blogging platform (Blogger. Com and Wordpress.com) to share information with people and make friends. 

In today’s world, people use the internet for their daily activities. Internet and social media best are the mediums for online marketers, and I have tried to put focus on recent emerging technology. How is technology getting used for marketing and are people getting benefits from that? While using this platform for knowledge sharing, also getting encouraged to promote the business as a digital marketer.  

As this is one of the best platforms for online business opportunities so I started my blogging journey and created “the blog-insider “in the blogger platform. 

"Blog Insider Tech Blog" about technology information topics for awareness and learning.    

Here is what you will find here :
  • Topics on Digital marketing, What is digital marketing? 
  • What is Search Engine Optimization? 
  • Awareness topics on Artificial Intelligence, What is AI and its uses.
  • Emerging technology like IoT ( Internet of Things ), What is IoT all about?
  • How you can protect your system from Cyberattacks, What is Cyber Security?
  • Why your system protection is important? 
  • Blogging tips, how to create a blog and live in your passion.
Go through those articles and don't hesitate to give your comments, and feedback. It will help to improve and encourage me to publish more good articles. 

Thanks in advance.  

[Partha Das]