Why free WiFi network you should avoid ?

                                    "Free WiFi network " you should avoid.

When you are accessing the WI-FI from your home through your own Wi-Fi ( paid )  account, its provide you secure connectivity and not congested also. But when you enjoy through public Wi-Fi network, maybe from local Tea shop, etc.- then will suggest you not to connect using those public networks. 

There is a possibility that anyone nearer to you can access your information, while using the same. Today’s Wi-Fi network standards are having a flaw and should not be trusted.

This is having the maximum threat, hackers can position themselves between you and the connection point. You are selecting the hotspot thinking its protected, instead of talking directly with the hotspot unknowingly you end up sending your information to the hacker. The hacker having access to every piece of information you send like emails, phone numbers, credit card information, business data, take anything you are connecting through free wifi. Once hacker gets that information, you’ve basically given them the keys to the empire.
Any free things are very attractive to anyone and people start using free Wifi,  despite getting warnings, and efforts to educate them.  Many people still don’t understand that free WiFi is a very dangerous irrespective of what you’re doing online. You may think that your not accessing your personal data like email or logging into your bank account, and just checking the social network or news channels, remember anything you do on a public WiFi network is vulnerable and not advisable. You are open to share the data to hackers.
In such cases what you should do if under any urgency you need to use the free Wi-Fi network. What are the safety measure you should take?   
Avoid opening personally identifiable information (PII) or your critical data,

When you are using your device connectivity through a free public Wi-Fi network then, you are not serious about your data valuation. However, if you forced to use a public Wi-Fi network, avoid touching any PII including banking information, social security numbers, home addresses, etc. Sometimes, some accounts require you to enter your phone numbers when you doing sign up, try to avoid such operation while in the free Wi-Fi zone. To open in such a condition you should have a VPN connection.
What is VPN ? and Why you should use a VPN?
Why Virtual private networks (VPN) you should use?

What is VPN ( Virtual Private Network) technology?  This creates a secure tunnel, point to point to your destination connecting through the internet. This VPN allows you to create a secure connection to a public network over the Internet. VPNs can be used to access region-restricted websites, they provide protection for your browsing activity. VPN is an excellent alternative to public Wi-Fi networks. VPN minimum cost will worth you and give peace of mind with additional security. The organization used a VPN for their employee to connect remotely. Employees use this on the move and Wi-Fi networks for  their jobs through VPN, because it gives protection to the company’s data, alternatively it’s a high risk, if it's used through free WiFi without VPN. If you do not have any VPN then you should use an SSL connection.
What is an SSL connection?
If you don’t have access to a VPN connection then you can ensure using SSL connections. SSL technologically gives us also protection to secure your connection. SSL provides a layer of encryption to your connection. When browsing the internet, you should not forget to enable this through “” HTTPS". Means whenever you are browsing add “ HTTPS” option on websites that you are trying to browse. Maximum websites are using this.
Purchase an unlimited data plan,
Maximum people always get encouraged to use free public Wi-FI network, to save themselves from excess charges on their phone bills. But your mobile is also vulnerable and likely to be attacked as your laptop, In fact, with the WPA2 flaw mentioned that Android mobile devices were found to be the most vulnerable. Invest in an unlimited data plan will not only provide a secure WiFi networks, but it will also allow you to use your mobile device to create a personal internet hotspot,  like a VPN connection.
 Don’t use sharing,

Kee your file sharing OFF, Do you really require to keep the sharing option ON always when connecting to the internet at public place like on the road at the airport? I think it's not require to keep ‘ON “ at that time. File sharing option is very easy to turn off from the system preferences or control panel, depending on your Operating System,  Or let Windows turn it off for you while choosing the "public" option for the first time you connect to a new, unsecured network.

Days may come when there will be only option is an unsecured, free, public Wi-Fi hotspot, and your work simply cannot wait for the security concern. In that case, considering the risks of public Wi-Fi you have to connect your device. However above steps are simple, easy, relatively cheap, and could save you from massive amounts of data theft both at home and at work.

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