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     "Indian's tourist place top 10"

Do you aware that India has a vast number of tourist locations starting from East to West and North to South. We have Ladakh, Kashmir. Siachen is the coldest place.

We have different tourist places under "India tourism" that has the highest rainfall in the world called Cherapunji, and also having desert – The Thar Desert, also known as the Great Indian Desert. It is located partly in Rajasthan state, northwestern India. 

Adding in this  – More than half of the Indian boundary is home to beautiful beaches, and not to forget that the Northern part of India hosts Himalayan Ranges snow-capped mountains.

Indian having different cultures mixes and hundreds of Languages, different people. You can find a strong mix of diversity, which is rarer, and no other countries having such diversity. You will find everything here, from a different culture to natural and adventure activities with beautiful beaches and forests. You will find in this article " Indian famous places" to visit. 

So, if you are planning to visit this country, you should not miss the places listed below. Most of the places historic backgrounds which also maybe your interest. 

Please find  " best tourist places " in India from hill stations to beaches to cities for your experience.

1.Agra, Taj Mahal, Indian best tourist destination,


Agra is One of the most popular tourist destinations in India, its a great historic place and you will find many architectural wonders of the Mughal era. All other various sites in Agra having a historic background of the Mughal era. 

As Agra is the home of various historic monuments and made most visited places in India. Of course, the top of this list of places to see in Agra is the Taj Mahal, one of the most famous buildings in the world.

Taj Mahal Agra

This beautiful architecture, finished with white marble, is the attraction of this place. Makana marble was used in the construction of the Taj Mahal.

There are also other historic locations like the Agra Fort, Akbar’s Tomb and Fatehpur Sikri and a great place in the valley with wonderful Mughlai food. 

Agra Fort-theblog-insider
                                                           Agra Fort, India. 

                                     Photo by Arun Geetha Viswanathan on Unsplash. 

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2.Amritsar, Punjab. The Golden Temple. 

The Golden Temple-theblog-insider
                                      The Golden Temple, Amritsar, Punjab, India.

The Golden Temple is the most celebrated place due to this famous beautiful architecture. It is also famous for its spiritual significance. This temple also called Harmandir Sahib or Darbar Sahib, this gurudwara stands as the holiest pilgrimage site of Sikhism and a prime tourist attraction in India.

This was Founded by Guru Ram Das in the year 1577, Amritsar is known as the spiritual capital of Sikhism. The holiest gurudwara of the Sikh faith, The Golden Temple is situated at the center of the old town. It is locally known as Harmandir Sahib Gurudwara.

Another popular place in this city to visit is the Akal Takhat and Mata temples.

This the place also famous for Lassi drink and special chicken tikka are two wonderful dishes to try while you visiting in Amritsar.

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Goa, India
                                                                      Goa, India                                  

                                                Photo by Alexey turenkov on Unsplash

Goa is a state, located on the southwestern coast of Indian with the region known as the Konkan. Geographically this state is separated from the Deccan highlands by the Western Ghats.

                                                                         Goa, India

                                                            Photo by Raja Sen on Unsplash

It is surrounded by the Indian states of  Maharashtra to the north and to the east and south, with the Arabian Sea forming its western coast is India's smallest state by area and the fourth smallest by population.

                                                        Goa, Sea beach.

Everyone knows some special features Goa has to offer. It is rated as India's most popular tourist destination. 

This place is famous among many other foreign travelers, people from all around the world visit this place of natural beauty and sea beach. 

Goa is all about sun, sea, and sand and popular for its range of seafood. Goa's weather will warm your heart, you will enjoy trekking, camping, spirituality, rejuvenation, Ayurveda spa and any relaxing activity by the beach you name it and Goa has everything.

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4.Kerala (Backwaters),

                        Backwaters in KeralaPhoto by kyran low on Unsplash

The Name " Backwaters" create much curiosity in mind. So to know about this place you have to visit  Kerala, located on the lush and tropical Malabar Coast, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. 

Backwater of Kerala
                        Backwater of KeralaPhoto by Marieke Weller on Unsplash

The network of brackish lagoons and lakes lying parallel to the Arabian Sea coast (known as the Malabar Coast) of Kerala state in southern India, interconnected canals, rivers, and inlets, a complex system shaped by more than 900 kilometers of watercourses, and compared with American bayous.

Backwater of kerala
                Backwater Kerala Photo by Abhishek Prasad on Unsplash

The backwaters were naturally shaped by the action of waves and shore currents creating low blockade islands across the mouths of the many rivers flowing down from the Western Ghats array.

Number of towns and cities are In the middle of this landscape, which from starting and endpoints of backwater cruises. 

It's named as one of the “ten paradises of the world” and “50 places of a lifetime” by the National Geographic Traveler magazine, Kerala is especially known for its ecotourism initiatives, Beautiful Backwaters and Alternative healing massages.

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5. Kanyakumari, 

                                Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu, India 

Kanyakumari having a special attraction and popularity for its spectacular and unique sunrise and sunset.

Kanyakumari is a coastal town in the state of Tamil Nadu on India's southern tip. Peninsular into the Laccadive Sea, the town was known as Cape Comorin during British rule and is popular for watching sunrise and sunset over the ocean.

The meeting of three ocean, the Bay of Bengal, the Indian Ocean, and the Arabian Sea. These three oceans make the sunrise and sunset even more special.

On mild, full-moon evenings, one can also see the moon-rise and sunset at the same time – on either side of the horizon.

It's also a renowned pilgrimage site and thanks to its Bagavathi Amman Temple, dedicated to a consort of Shiva, and its Our Lady of Ransom Church, a center of Indian Catholicism.

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6. Jaipur/ Udaipur,


                            Udaipur, Rajasthan, India.

Jaipur is also a famous tourist place in India. It’s also popularly known as the Pink City and it is the capital of Rajasthan, the state of India. 

Jaipur is a very famous tourist destination in India. Lots of people flock comes to Jaipur to view the various forts and monuments in Jaipur which reflect its glorious past. Some of the world’s best hotels are located here.

Udaipur is one of the most visited places in Rajasthan and is enormously popular amongst tourists for its royal palaces and beautiful lakes. 


Its great if you have visited Venice, If not then you should land in Udaipur, famously called “Venice of the East and the East and the ‘City of Lakes”. Udaipur, a City of also Rajasthan is a stunning location having a rich cultural background and great history.  

If you want to find the essence of royalty dispersed in the air, then it is certainly Udaipur. It's having the popularity of this royal city that it is visited by tourists from all over the world.

It is rightly said that if you are looking forward to traveling back in time and have a desire for royal and luxurious experiences, then you must land to Udaipur.

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7. Rohtang Pass,

Rohtang Pass theblog-insider

Rohtang Pass is famous as its one of the most remarkable natural delights tourist places in India. It servers as a gateway to the attractive valley home to the famous Pin Valley National Park and having numerous Buddhist Monasteries.

Rohtang Pass
If like chiller temperatures, Snows, and mountains," Rohtang Pass" has to on your first destination list.

Specially Rohtang Pass is one of the very few places in India where you will find snow throughout the year – if you love skiing, you should not miss this place.

Rohtang pass theblog-insider
You have to visit this place keeping in mind the season. The season starts from April-May and runs until October, after which this place gets lots of snow and the place gets closed for people, after all, this is 13,000 feet above sea level, hope you can understand and plan your travel schedule accordingly.

Rohtang Pass- theblog-insider

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8. Shimla,


Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh is one of the famous hill stations in India. If you like adventure, winter sports, Ice skating, and skiing you should visit Shimla. 

It’s a training hub that also offers training facilities for exciting winter sports. This is the reason it knows as the winter sports capital of India. 


You can enjoy breath-taking view of the Himalayas and the town hall at its center. This is also the “
best tourist place “ in India and also the best “ Indian holiday destinations”.


To know the real legacy of Shimla, you can visit the Viceregal Lodge, Christ Church and Gorton Castle. During winters, the snowy mountains and narrow alleys are worth viewing and many more. 


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9. Ajanta & Ellora,


                                    Ajanta Caves, pic reference Wikipedia site.

Do you like rock-cut caves? Then you must visit this Ajanta/Elora the best “Indian tourism“place.  

The Ajanta Caves having  approximately 30  rock-cut Buddhist cave monuments, which are from 2nd century BCE, it’s  about 480 CE, located in Aurangabad which is a district of Maharashtra, the state of India. 

If you want to know about Indian paintings then you should visit the place. Those  caves inside having paintings and rock-cut sculptures, which has described the finest surviving examples of ancient Indian art. Particularly expressive paintings that present emotions through gesture, pose.

The caves are located just outside the village of Ajantha / Ellora in the Aurangabad district. Since 1983, the Ajanta & Ellora Caves defined as and  UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Gangtok is a city, municipality, capital, and the largest town of the Indian state of Sikkim. It is also the headquarters of the East Sikkim district. The capital of the state of Sikkim, Gangtok is an attractive tourist destination, reflecting a unique ambiance that derives from its happy blend of tradition and modernity.

Gangtok is in the eastern Himalayan range, at an elevation of 5,410 ft. The total population of 100,000 are from different ethnicities such as Bhutia, Lepchas, and Indian Gorkhas. Within the higher peaks of the Himalayas and with a year-round mild temperate climate, Gangtok is at the center of Sikkim's tourism industry.

Some of the key places to visit include Rumtek Monastery, Lal Bazaar, Enchey Monastery, Do-Drul Chorten, Tashi View Point, and the local bazaar. 

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Hope this article is interesting and helped you to find all the important “Indian tourist destination". 

Thanks for visiting “theblog-insider”.

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