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The 5 life changing skills  to unlock your inner capability-What are those 5 Skills?

Hello friends welcome to my blog and hope you are doing fine, healthy and happy maintaining protection against COVID-19 and social distance. We are all eagerly waiting for normalising of this situation and go back to our normal lifestyle, which we lost due to this coronavirus pandemic.  

Due to this global pandemic, our lifestyle has changed, our business process has changed. The corporate sector globally stared WFH (work from home) for their employee protection since lockdown.  Employees are working remotely from their home for their safety. Now demand of internet growing and people are more busy in internet surfing. I am trying to aware you about 5 skills which you should learn and go for self-made mission. 

Why I am suggesting you to go for those 5 life-changing skills?   

You should learn those 5 skills for your self-empowerment. I am not talking about those skills which you already have for your promotion in job. Because it's very clear that no jobs are secure now in this pandemic. 

I am not going to discuss about the present job crisis, I hope that you know very well. However for your further information pl see India today news reporting on job crisis " COVID 19 Job Crisis: Pay Cuts, Layoffs, Unpaid Leaves Have Hit Employees In The Pandemic

This Global pandemic has forced all business to go online. People are more comfortable with online purchasing. So online marketing getting popularity. Business are going digital and now more focusing on their digital presence for their customer. People are getting habituated on an online purchase. Every business house focusing on online presence for their customer. 

This has created a huge demand for internet, for online marketing, online business. You may be thinking that what is a new thing in this? it's natural because you are masters of using your finger for giving likes, sharing, comments in social media like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc. 

I know this is nothing new to you. Rather I will tell you that it may be wasting of your valued time doing scrolling social media pages nothing more than that, because there are so many things you can do using social media for your own purpose, I mean you can generate money using social media.  

How to earn money on social media? 

I think we all are interested to know how to earn extra money?  You might be earning a good salary from your employer doing job, though nothing herm in this to learn this? Everyone will be interested to earn a good amount of money as passive income. 

What is a Passive income?    

A Passive income is money you can earn in a way which require initial little efforts and its give earning on the process. Passive income is when you continue to get paid for your initial work, long after it is done. This 5 skill help you to know passive income and how to do it.     

However, if you still reading this then, I think you have a positive mindset to do something new or to learn something new. Yes, I am trying to say that you should learn those skills which can help you to fight back in this crisis. What are those 5 skills you should learn? 

Why you require those skill? 

Every people having their own dream own goal to achieve, like that you also have a big dream to achieve. If yes then you need to master those skills. These 5 skills are very important for those students who pass out recently completing their graduation. 

My suggestion for them don’t waste your time waiting for a job to get. Create your own earning platform. Remember due to this global pandemic organizations are reducing the employee strength, cost. New hirings are very limited now. Due to this Global pandemic, many companies closed down. Multiple organizations lost their foreign projects and many skilled employees are in bench or already lost their job. 

So, every one of us should go for self-made. I mean you should get skilled and think to start your own. These five skills help you to open your mind, it will help you to find the way to explore your capability. 

If you have a big dream, then you have to prepare your mindset accordingly to accept new things to learn and explore. Without developing your skills, your value, you cannot create your road map towards your goal. You should have a dream and target or goal to fulfil your dream.  

What Mr A.P. J Abdul Kalam said about the dream?

So if you have a dream, then these five skills definitely help you to get your success unlocking your inner potential. 

Now what are those five skills which is so important that you should learn for yourself? Yes, this is the time when everything is going online, you should learn that five skills otherwise you may lose some opportunity. 

World is going on digital, everything on the internet so these skill becoming very important to every individual who wants to generate money or wants to do alternative earning through the internet using social media. 

There will be a huge opportunity for digital media in the coming years, for details, read “Golden moment for India in the next ten years “. 

So, you can understand why I am saying this. learn this 5 skill to take part in this golden moment. Learn those five skills and related business opportunity. These skills are life-changing skills which will give you a good business opportunity also. It will give you the opportunity to explore your inner capabilities.

What are those 5 life-changing skills? 

Skill No 1.  How to earn through social media. We all wasting our time scrolling in social media like Face book, Instagram etc. You can learn how to use Facebook to earn money, how to use Instagram and how to create a business opportunity. 

There is no harm to learn and develop the skill for proper use of social media, there are different types of earning options using those social media. This is the first skill which you should know and every youth should know and without wasting time in social media.

 Skill No 2, Skill  two is How to do Social media branding and generate traffic? You know in business branding is very important. All business houses do there branding through advertising in TV and public media.  When you are in social media you should know how to brand yourself and how to generate traffic. 

Let me know one thing, if you are doing a job in an organisation how many people know you? do you have any self-branding for yourself instead in your pi in Facebook or Instagram. 

Are those pics having any value any branding? Please share me your views in comments box honestly on this? Do you have any branding? Do you know how to brand in social media? So you have to learn how to brand in social media. You have to learn how to do promotion in social media. 

Traffic generation is another skill, you have to learn how to generate traffic in social media. This is the skill you should learn.

Skill No 3. How to generate sale using social media. This is the skill you cannot learn from any college.  How money comes? if you can sale through internet then money will get generated. If you can learn this skill then you can use this skill everywhere. Selling through the internet is a big skill nowadays which you can learn and utilise in the coming days. 

Skill No 4. Learn about Affiliate Marketing. This is a very important skill which you should learn to know, how you can do marketing products using social media. You don’t require to have your own products for doing affiliate marketing. 

You can promote other manufactured products through affiliate marketing and earn a good commission. How to do Affiliate marketing, this skill you should learn. Just an example, suppose you have purchased a good product from the shop or online and you refer that one to your friends and relatives. 

Like this since your childhood, you may have referred multiple products to your friend and relatives but you have not got any money against those referrals.  You may have recommended mobile phone s, books, dress so many things to your friends.  

Now after reading this I am sure you will be agreeing with me to learn about affiliate marketing. You have to promote those products through you and how to promote products?  that you need to learn. Share your views on this in the comment box. 

Skill No 5, How to generate passive income and a regular funnel. Do you know passive income? This is another great skill you should know about that and learn. These all are related to internet marketing or digital marketing which is having a big demand now. 

So these are the 5 skills which I was talking about since the starting of this article. These skills and the related business opportunity you should know, because once you can learn those skill and the business opportunity then no one can stop you to explore your own skill. So, unlock your inner capabilities learning those skill and earn money. 

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Take my suggestion, from my personal experience these two online training is really valuable which you should not miss. You can register yourself through accessing those link and get trained. Believe me, it will change your thinking process and you can create the business using social media to earn huge money. 

However, If you still have some confusion about this training don’t hastiest to contact me and also don't forget to share your comment in below comment box. Also, request you to share this article to your social media for people awareness, who know this can help someone. 

Thanks for visiting theblog-insider.  

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