Golden moment for India in the next ten years.

Golden moment for India in the next ten years 

Different news media constantly reporting us about the coronavirus pandemic outbreak. This pandemic already impacted our lifestyle our relationship etc. Thousands and millions of people severely affected due to this coronavirus. 

In this pandemic situation most of the industries and global companies went to work from home ( WFH) solutions as a safety measure for their employee. 

Millions of people doing working from home since the pandemic started spreading. Many companies already started reducing the workforce since lockdown and people are out of a job. 

According to the International Labour Organisation (ILO) analysis that globally more than Twenty-Five million people will be losing their job due to this pandemic outbreak. 

Since February 2020 end every one of us under tension due to this situation, people are not finding any hope for the future. Everyone worried about the Indian economy after COVID, what will be the employment position after this COVID?

Coronavirus impacted the entire globe, especially the US and India. This critical situation of coronavirus and Indo China tension, we are losing our hope day by day and unable to plan for the future. However, in spite of all these crises, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs showed us some light or hope to us.  

Silicon Valley top venture capitalist entrepreneur gave an interview to PTI about the Indian economy. Now after knowing this Silicon valley Venture Capitalist entrepreneur’s interview, I think you will also find some hope for the future.

You are now eager to know what is that outcome of that interview?  As per this Silicon Valley venture capitalist entrepreneur Mr philanthropist M R Rangaswami told to PTI in an interview that, There is a massive investment going on in India which is mind-blogging. 

As per him “Coronavirus is sweeping the world, especially the US and India. In spite of that, the amount of investment going into India is mind-boggling," Silicon Valley's top venture capitalist, entrepreneur and philanthropist M R Rangaswami told PTI in an interview. 

As per economic times, Washington-   The next 10 years is going to be India's "golden moment" in key sectors like technology, pharmaceutical, e-commerce and manufacturing said a top venture capitalist from Silicon Valley, pointing at the USD 20 billion foreign direct investment in the country amidst the coronavirus outbreak”. 

As per venture capitalist, that India receiving a foreign direct investment of over USD 20 billion in the last few months during the coronavirus pandemic. 

The Silicon Valley venture capitalist M R Rangaswami told PTI that the next ten years is the golden moment for India to shine in all sectors of the market. 

Digital technology will be used in every sector, whether its medicine, telemedicine, E-commerce, logistics, etc. Everything is going to be online or digital.  It’s a golden moment which India should grab said by this software business expert. 

This Software the business expert also referring to the investments which include USD 10 billion from Google, USD5.7 billion from Facebook, USD 1.2 billion from Walmart and USD 1 billion from Foxconn, etc. and many more companies will be doing investment in India he said. Read the entire report in "Economic times Article ".

It’s also reported that Amazon (e-commerce company) continues to invest in India. Other foreign companies are also looking to India now for investment. 

Private equity guys are, Sovereign funds may be investing in India. As per him, India is going to be the hot destination definitely for technology money,” Rangaswami said, in response to a question. 

This Indo-China conflict and the US relationship with India also will be helping to get more industry in India. As per him, the anti-China statement from the US is also helping India to bag big investment.

Conclusion: The next ten years everything will be on digital technology and a big opportunity for those who can upgrade themselves with this technology. 

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