How a standing desk saved me?


A Standing desk saved me – it can save you also.  

In this COVID-19 PANDEMIC, our lifestyle has changed and the maximum of us doing work from home (WFH) using our computer or laptop. 

You should aware of this for your health. Continues sitting in the same position and doing work really a challenge for me. I believe you are also working from home. Don’t you feel something unusual? I mean does your back aching? Or feeling shooting pains in your arms? Any nagging back pain? For me, it's Yes.

Recently I observed intolerable shooting pain in my left arm shoulder joint. While I was working with a laptop sitting in the same position for 6-7 hours, a shooting pain was started in my left hand and it was hard to move my left arm and the entire hand was painful.

a standing desk saved me

Doctors suggested exercise, massages by physiotherapists, Pain killers for that shoulder joint pain. As per the Doctor that it may turn in to a frozen shoulder if regular massaging not done. Now since then I have engaged one physiotherapist for massaging, doing regular exercise, and took medicine (pain killer).  

I figured out that it simply happened due to occupational hazards. Due to continuing seating in the same position without very little movement, as my business responsibility requires spending such a long-time activity with my Laptops, responding to emails, attending meetings, etc. So I suffered this critical shoulder pain due to this occupational hazard.

I understood that continues sitting in the same creating such health issue, but also cannot avoid our work, because it's related to our ambition, responsibility, etc. However, if we can change the work process while working from home then we can avoid such types of occupational hazards.  

Then I bought something which gave me relief from my shoulder pain and enjoys the work. I observe that while working through that my entire shoulder pain was vanished. So, you can also try with this before suffering from any health hazards like this. I bought an adjustable standing desk. 

Why we should change our deskbound life?

When you are working sitting continues in the same position, you are allowing the risk of joint pain, back pain, heart diseases, diabetes, muscular problem, even depression. Sitting in the same position longer time without movement can risk you any type of critical disease. So, the standing desk at home is the best suitable option to work with your computer. A standing desk is a solution to rescue from this. 

When the Doctor suggested to me, I was in a doubt. How can I work with a standing desk? As a fashion it is okay but how this can rescue us from such occupational hazards. It’s a meaningless idea working in Infront of the standing desk. 

Every time I worked with sitting a desk even while writing also but how I can write with standing in front of the desk. I use to work in my office sitting in a chair. I use to adjust the desk and chair every time, doing struggling to adjust the height in parallel to my comfortable position. 

Sometimes I tried with a small adjustable Laptop desk elevated with books, small boxes but nothing was perfect. I tried to explore this idea of a standing desk to cure myself of shoulder pain and it truly worked. 

Benefits of standing.

I was searching the doing research on standing benefits. I cam to know that, continues sitting during the day involves many critical diseases like heart disease, type-2 diabetes and it can bring many critical joint pains. Those health issues can be avoided by doing vigorous physical exercise which may not possible for all due to our lifestyle and our ambition.  Doing such physical exercise every day, which is really not possible due to our busy schedule and we know how sitting longer time is bad for us. How this standing desk is beneficial for us? 

We all know any movement is good for our health, changing position continually, and standing the entire day is definitely helpful. The doctor always suggests us to walk to normalize the blood sugar level after a meal. While standing your blood circulation flows normally which can help to avoid shoulder and back pain.

After using this standing desk, I am feeling better now. While I work with a standing desk, I sometimes sit maintaining a height that feels comfortable to me. Using this standing desk, I am totally cured now of my shoulder pain. So, you can try with the standing desk. There are multiple standing desks available in the market which you can choose as per your suitability.

Conclusion: Change your sitting arrangement, if possible use a standing desk. I have shared my story with you to create awareness for a healthy life, avoiding such occupational health hazards while working and keep us healthy and disease-free. For more awareness to the people, request to share this with others through your social media.    

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