How AI uses in Agriculture sector?

AI uses in Agriculture sector
AI uses in Agriculture sector

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture a review, 

Other digital technologies and  Artificial Intelligence (AI), having a key role in updating farming activities and realising the area of doubling the farmer’s income by 2022. The global “Artificial Intelligence in agriculture” market size is expected to be worth approx. USD 2.6 billion by 2025. Intelligence is being a part of almost every field and sector nowadays.  We all guessing about AI (Artificial Intelligence) being used in the vehicle and computer sector, but do you know that there are many applications of AI using in the agriculture sector too. 
In this article, I am going to highlight all those applications of artificial intelligence in the agriculture sector.  So, if you belong to the agriculture sector or you want to know more about the applications of artificial intelligence in the agriculture sector, then you must-read go through this article as this is for you. 
Intelligence is a type of program with the help of which we can design various applications for our use.  In general, AI is a type of intelligence of computer systems with the help of which computer can think on their own and can use their thinking and taking forward various procedures without the help of human beings. Hope this is clear and you may think that how it possible. Yes, AI getting develop for that.  
For more better understanding of AI or Artificial General Intelligence refers to this link -
Artificial General Intelligence & Artificial Narrow Intelligence - What Does It Mean? 
Now coming the main discussion, what is the desire for creating this AI? the main desire behind the creation of AI was that the computer systems could work on their own without the help of human intelligence once they are completely set up. Nowadays, AI is getting deployed in different working sectors, let us have a look at all the sectors in which AI is being used daily. Take an example of Automobile sector – We all should have noticed that in the vehicle sector, there are a lot of places where self-working robotic and computer systems are getting used. 

All these robots and systems are once beginning up by humans with AI, and the rest of the work is all there. 
Business Intelligence Sector– You have heard that nowadays using and creating computer software and elements has become really easy.  As now generating procedure does not look like creating it, all these people are also being sufficed with the help of AI only. With the assistance of their excessive intelligence, the computer systems are being utilized to enhance and re-form themselves on their own, this is the reason the computer system can become better than before, and they are enhancing themselves one step further daily. 
Educational sector – A lot of people imagine that there is no use of AI in the educational sector, which is not true, as AI is extensively used in the educational sector.  There are particular applicant seeing studies and education, which uses AI for their processing. 
Defence Sector: AI and digital technology brings the new resolution in the defence sector. There is lots of innovation going on in the defence sector. For more details on this you can refer my earlier article Defence system with artificial intelligence  
Farming sector – Now I will discuss the exact part because of which this article I have started writing, and that is for the application of AI in the agriculture sector.  There is a place of applications of AI, which are being daily and widely used. 

Artificial intelligence in agriculture
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Let's discuss all those uses of artificial intelligence in agriculture, in the coming points. AI, in Farming finding the applications of AI in the agriculture sector, was a bit difficult, because those are not being used all over the world, and very few places are having access to such applications of AI for the agriculture sector. As per the research, listed-below applications of AI. 
use of artificial intelligence in agriculture
Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture

 How we are using Artificial Intelligence in agriculture?  

1. Improving crop productivityFarming Robots, At the earlier time, people about to guessing whether robots will help us in getting our whole work done, and now we are at a point where we can take advantage of such things, as such robots are getting developed even in the farming sector with the help of AI system. Although some companies are manufacturing such robots, but it is said that once they are built, then these machines would be capable to handle many works regarding the agriculture sector efficiently. Some of the tasks that would be easily handled by these robots would be harvesting crops and many more. 
2. Monitoring of Soil health - Expanding crop and soil monitoring applications As we may know that thoroughly monitoring our crops and soil is one of the vital tasks because, with the help of this step, we can ensure better growth of our crops.  While regularly stopping our crop and soils could be a difficult task, but not now, because with the help of the AI system, there are a lot of such monitoring applications being developed.  With the help of which your crops and agriculture soil would be monitored, and hence we would be able to get the best results out of it efficiently.  
3. Environmental conditions - A better projection applications on environmental conditions play a large role in better growth of our crops, and we all must be knowing that predicting the environmental conditions can go wrong most of the time.  So for resolving this issue, we need a trustable application.  With the aid of an AI system, these predictive analytics applications are being created.  With the use of this AI-based application we would be able to get real-time and future analytics of environmental conditions. 
4. A better weed management - Weed stability a type of plant which, if correct care does not take, then they will destroy your whole crop.  So, with the help of AI systems, several robots are being created, which would be responsible for the control of weed growth on cultivation land.  There are more than two hundred and fifty examples of weed crops, and being a person, we would not be capable to know that the growth we can notice on our cropland is of weed or something else.  Because of which, with the help of these weed control robots, they would be able to cut-off all types of weed growth from our irrigation land without any chaos. 
5.  Correct Analysing Cops : Doing output analysis, we are not capable to check  our crops thoroughly, as we would not be strong to see them with a broad vision.  But with the help of Artificial intelligence systems, we can create some application, which would help us in correctly analysing cops with the use of drones and computers.  Other than that, it can also be capable to know about which portion of our crop needs proper care and which part is showing efficient growth and which not.  Such things already created and being used in many parts of the world.  One of the most famous companies of such crop analysis AI applications is SkySquirrel technologies.  
6. Growth Analysis: land data software,  A place of people face a difficult time while counting and creating records of the total generated crop monthly and yearly.  So with the help of artificial intelligence, various such software and applications are being created, Initially, we would be able to get a rough idea about our crop generation.  Other than that, we would also be able to get the actual crop generated record, and hence it also offers various tips with the help of which we can enhance the growth of our crops. 
7. Pest management -To avoid pesticides, As we know that with the help of AI systems, farmers would be able to get rid of weed plants completely, then once the crops have no weed in it, there would be no use of pesticides required. Because if there are no weeds in the crops, there would be no pests, and hence we would be able to save a lot of money on pesticides. Although there are a lot of benefits of AI, some of those areas follows-There would be no weed plants, which means our crop would be excellent, and there would be no adverse effects on our crops.  We would not have to use any type of pesticides in our crop because, with the help of these AI systems, we would be able to completely get rid of weeds, with which there would be no pests too.  We would be capable to save a place of money with the use of AI in our agriculture sector too.
8. Water Management: Water management is also a vital activity which can efficiently handle by AI. Efficient handling of water management in agriculture has a huge impact on the impending problem of water insufficiency. Water usage in farming land can be enhanced by using thermal imaging cameras that continuously monitor if crops are getting a sufficient amount of water or not. AI, attached with appropriate image classification models, used in agriculture can result in improving harvest production, reducing manual intervention, and decreasing instances of crop diseases.

Conclusion: Here we have found to the result of this article in which we discussed the combination of overblown Intelligence applications and the Agriculture sector.  We also talked about various applications of AI that are being used in the agriculture sector nowadays, other than that we also have a look at several benefits we can get by using these applications.  
AI is a very large sector, and it has a derivation of it in almost every field.  Right now, AI is still growing, and we know that when it grows appropriately, we would be able to see several benefits in agriculture and various other sectors too. 

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