Artificial Intelligence : are we still needed at our workplace when technology can do our job ?

     Artificial Intelligence: Are we still needed at our workplace when technology can do our job?

Digital technologies now fundamentally redesigned our ways of thinking, working, and our social culture and also made us more efficient and productive in our jobs. The question is also arising whether we are still needed at the workplace when technology can do the job for us. Have you ever thought about this?

Recent days observations, the development of ChatBots and automated messaging which is already started changing the world of call centres & Customer service work process, these departments may be under risk of becoming outdated in this world of artificial intelligence (AI). Call centres & Customer service are the support line of all big organizations business, it's directly related to businesses and customers.

All of these organizations are trying to improve customer experience, and some of them are exploring with  Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify common problems and sharing those feedback to call centre agents to tackle this in priority as an improvement. As per the study  “Speech analytics”  can be useful tools for finding out the customer attitude whether irritated or pleases customers. So trained and efficient human beings may not be fully replaced with AI in the call center we are observing. AI can be used, help to increase agents efficiency in the call center. Built on Speech analytics technology can assess the emotional quality of customer calls and group conversations into similar groups. Like support manager might identify problems as a new contribution quickly by associating customer frustration with a particular subject. This speech analytics can help human agents to identify and work on specific language skills which can improve customer interactions.  The emotional analytics is slightly different, this type of speech analysis can help to distinguish between the agent;s feelings during a call and how they are perceived by the callers. 

Now Chatbots Technology most remarkably has reconditioned the aspect of customer service. Chatbots offers instant access to custom-made answers at any given point in time, with a very cost-effective solution than other customer service channels.  All these skills have drawn attention from various industries and businesses and started the use of chatbots at the center of their business strategies. The only agenda of any business is to maximize profits and simultaneously minimize costs. 

As per the study,  automation will become gradually predominant across the industries, it is judged that over 80% of customer interactions will be managed without human involvement. This caused a serious concern on employment, whether chatbots and artificial intelligence will make human agents in a history. Both of this technology, artificial intelligence, chatbots may work in tandem with human agents to improve efficiency and support the business without replacing agents.

Technological advancements to assist human performance, not for replacement of human intervention.  It help for better, faster-enhanced support experience. Chatbots can serve as the first point of contact and help for any customers, in different geographical locations, different time zones. It can also help customers with both text and voice assistance. Chatbot can decrease the latency between a customer’s inquiries and to give out a suitable in a timely response.

Human involve interaction for any response takes hours or days. Chatbots helps to reduce that delay in responses, appearing to be instantaneous. Also, as support to a human agent, chatbots can be used to handle the initial query and interaction and gather customer details with other information before passing it on to a customer care executive. This reduces the waiting time, not just from the customer’s end but gives more time to the customer care executive to be more productive .  Chatbots can be used for sharing the workload. It can be used as a backup of agents.  Chatbots are often programmed to answer the basic routine question for customer service operation scenario. Human intervention always acts as a faster mode of communication with the customers, If any problem occurs.  Millions of conversations equipped in Chatbots which have simultaneously used across all the channels of communication. Getting accurate data is never a simplified process, chatbots applications are only as good as the data they influence since it depends on algorithms and machine learning which in turn depends on training data to train algorithms.
Chatbots are yet not equipped to understand human emotions, however when there’s a need for emotional intelligence or critical thinking to make quick decisions, human intervention is always required. A customer calling for a medical insurance service company to report about an urgent crisis cannot be effectively managed by chatbots. Situations like these demand empathy, delicate handling which only a human can do, machines can not. Humans having the emotional factor which machines can not understand. So there is no way to replace chatbot in human places. These technologies already proven effective enough to handle monotonous and repetitive tasks only, however, they cannot provide a holistic customer experience.  
The ultimate aim of these technologies ( AI/ chatbot )  is not to replace the human call center or customer service agent but help to improve them and the overall customer experience.

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