Why Artificial intelligence ( AI) having less chances to replace human agent call center ?

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Industry revolution continually going on and we have seen machines replacing humans in many areas. Artificial intelligence is getting introduced in all industrial sectors and it has a major impact in many industries, including call center. Many people having understanding that AI will soon replace live agents. However, it’s also true that nothing can be a substitute for human touch which a live agent can provide. Rather Artificial Intelligence AI can be used to improve the experience of call center managers, agents, and end-customer. Read here, how it can be.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a widespread branch of computer science technology that building smart machines capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence. Artificial intelligence ( AI) is the simulation of human intelligence process by the machines, especially computer systems. Some of the AI activities with computers are designed like speech recognition, learning, planning, problem-solving, etc. There are three ( 3) types of AI systems, Weak or narrow AIArtificial General Intelligence ( AGI), or general or strong AI and Artificial superintelligence. We have achieved only a narrow AI.    

How AI can be used In Call Centers?

We are experiencing about (IVR) Interactive voice response systems, which already in place for canters. As a technology advancement, to find new ways to integrate AI into call centers everywhere and within a few years enhanced AI will start performing many of the current tasks of live agents, helping to streamline processes and reduce costs. Find examples of AI will be helping in call centers:

 For assistance to call center agent.

AI-based automation will help to enhance call center operations, which in turn reduces the cost. Every day calls, text, or emails are agents activity, which AI can handle instead of agents, AI can help to filter and complete certain tasks on behalf of them. AI can advise agents and send alerts while speaking with a customer to assist with complex queries.

AI can be a Virtual Agent  

Virtual agents can act as a human to customers by providing a voice-enabled conversational interface. They can work in tandem with a live agent, by collecting routine information to pass to an agent or help to resolve issues with a customer on there own.

AI can ensure the Quality Assurance. 

AI can help call center managers better identify and resolve problem areas, by processing, recorded phone conversations and other available data. As an example, machine learning can help to classify common queries and  most accurate responses, which can be analyzed and share from manager to respective team.

AI can help in Customer Convenience. 

AI can also help in the customer experience. AI-based automation helps to improve the customer experience by reducing wait times, extending operational hours, and helping to make the process more well-organized. In customer options, customers can choose to go through an automated system or request to speak with a live agent. This allows customers with an option through which they receive help.

 AI can Guessing of Customer Behaviour and act accordingly. 

AI can act on multiple data sources to help deliver customer suitability. It can anticipate needs through data, provide conclusions and handle each query accordingly. In case  AI determines that the event to be an emergency, then the call can immediately be directed to a live agent.

AI can help for Business Awareness. 

How AI can help in business? As you know that Call centers handle with a ton of data, including voice recordings from every call handled. With the help of AI, this data can allow organizations to improve valuable business requirements to help improve processes.

AI can help in Call Routing. 

Automate routine interactions getting help through advanced intellectual technologies. With the help of AI, customers are often resolving their own issues by following a helped journey through a series of prompts. For more complex queries, an appropriate agent can get the required data that AI can gather relevant to that information and route the call as needed. Too many prompts can be a problem, it should be short to avoid customer frustration and the option to speak with a live person to get callers to the right place for the first time.

Though AI system can be used for multiple benefits, then why human Agents are Important for the call center?

Call centers always in the front lines between customers and the companies they represent. Human agents answer questions, give helpful advice, and work to build customer loyalty as well as protect the company’s bottom line. A human agent of the workforce can help to give customers the answers they search for and convey information in a way that sounds positive experiences with customers. The best customer service representatives can take control of a conversation and a solution to the customer that they agreed upon. These expert agents often don’t need to follow a script, because they can use the information gathered and harness it in a way that makes everyone happy.

AI having a Self-Learning System:

AI is a self-learning system. AI can use past data to find the best way to respond to the situation. live suggestions to assist agents during a call conversation Advanced AI system can provide. AI systems can identify key ideas through natural language processing and support agents with relevant knowledgebase content, customer information, approved scripts, and more. Agents can improve call quality and reduce the time to resolve customer problems in a live AI assistance scenario. Particularly this is most valuable for inexperienced agents and for agents working with a newly joined company.

Replacing Call Centers with AI system may not happen:

Totally replacing call centers with artificial intelligence systems is not a feasible option at this time but the future will say depend upon the industry requirement. Removing human agents from a company’s customer service system, will be risky as it may lose long term customers. While many transactional tasks can be handled quickly and easily with AI, however personal communication in call centers is still essential. Through personalized customer-agent communication, complex issues can be resolved and feedback can be received. There is an option to show, empathy, and personalization in conversations will not be with an automated voice. Human nature will always prefer the personal touch and one to one interaction than automation.

Bottom line is, Its true that AI systems can help call center  to streamline processes, can enhance the quality, helps to reduce time  and reduce costs once in place but this technology may not be a cost-effective solution to implement, especially at a large scale. 

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