Why choose computer networking as a career?

Why Choose Computer Networking as a Career

 Why do you learn computer networking for your career? 

In today's scenario, everyone knows that technology is changing very fast and for a better career you have to choose the right path., Career planning is most important, especially if you want to grow in the networking technology field. Why do you learn computer networking for your career? 

Emerging technology
There are many of you not finding proper guidance to start or not getting career growth in your job and working without a proper career goal.

Career in computer networking

Whether you are starting your career or you considering a career path change, choosing computer networking as a career can be beneficial for you. Especially for those who just completed high schooling or passed out from college, it's better to include computer-networking technology in your study planning for career growth. Find my best 5 reasons to build a networking career path. 

Computer networking career

As technology is growing to depend upon the market need, there are so many fields and areas of specialization are available to choose a career like software development, web design, programming, graphic design, database administration, system analysis, etc. different "job opportunities for top technology trend " you should go through. 


A programmer may be developing skills, concepts, and logic on programing for implementation. He/ She may not take an interest in computer networking as they are already acquainted with programing language, jargon, coding, etc., and thinking why he/she needs to take interest in hardware-related skill up-gradation like computer networking

As a Cisco-certified IT professional I realized the demand for computer networking skills and CISCO certification. I experienced the power of computer networking skills, CISCO certification, and the growth an individual can achieve.

Have you ever thought about how everything is connected with your computer or your smartphone? How are people securely working through the WFH solution? If yes then this article may help you to choose a better carrier in the computer networking technology field. 

Giving a simple example of growing computer networking technology demand. Recently due to the COVID pandemic, maximum companies shifted their operation to work from home solutions for the protection of their employees. So people doing working from home   (WFH) since then. 

All business houses, schools, and colleges shifted their activities to online. Official meetings / private meetings are conducted through video conferences. Everything shifted from physical presence to online presence. It's possible through networking technology like VPN. Computers are connected remotely using VPN ( Virtual Private Network ). 

What is "computer networking?" Fundamentally, the computer network is a set of different computers connected to each other for sharing electronic data. Connected computers use common communication protocols over the digital connection to communicate with each other. 

Networking technology helps us to connect home computers with the internet, office network computers connected internally and externally, etc.

Internet is the best example, as it connects thousands of computers from different locations and allows sharing of different types of electronic information in the form of data through its network securely. An example exchanging email, video, audio, etc. through computer networking.

Hope you can understand now how important computer networking is. Without this, we cannot run a business, interpersonal communication, etc. So the computer network should be running properly without any interruption. 

People who are skilled in networking and able to manage such networks are always in high demand. The professionals who manage such IT networks are well paid and they are always in high demand at large companies.

If you are a student or just passed out from college and have an interest in the technology field to work then this is the best field to start with for your carrier. This has a wide range of carrier opportunities and that’s why it’s important to understand networking skills to learn in detail.

Data networking or computer networking is essential for many business functions today. Businesses required critical data exchange internally and externally for internal operations and external clients. Networking technology is the heart of data transmission or digital transmission. 

Different carrier paths depend on networking technology to understand. Emerging technology like IoT, Artificial intelligence, Cyber Security, Cloud, Datacenter, etc. everything related to networking technology. 

This is an important skill area for developers, data scientists, programmers, security specialists, IT security auditors, and other professionals accruing networking technology knowledge.

While learning network technology you can not avoid CISCO certification. Cisco Global certification has a very high demand for technology companies. Not only do technology companies have demand, but even non-technology organizations also require trained / skilled network professionals for their organization’s IT department for internal network support where Cisco certification can help you to get a job. 

Cisco network academy is also a good choice for learning networking technology as Cisco certification has a high demand for all technology organizations and non-technology organizations.

If you are just completed your graduation or High schooling and planning a career or considering a career change, you should include networking technology studies for the below reasons:

5 Reasons to choose a computer networking carrier. 

1. Industry demand and Job opportunity.  

Industry demand and job opportunity is the main reason why choose computer networking as a career. As per different media, reports and the Department of Information and Technology reports, the industry has a  growing demand for IT skilled resources for top IT organizations. As per the report TCS, Wipro,  and Infosys along with other Global IT organizations expected to offer huge job opportunities. So you can build your career in networking technology. 

According to Gartner estimates, IT spending in India in 2021 is approx. US$93 billion and further increase to US$ 98.5 billion in 2022. Internationally also there is a huge demand for IT and networking skilled people. As per the U.S. Department of Labor, the employment of network and computer systems administrators has grown in demand.

Presently India is the topmost offshoring destination for IT companies across the world. Leading Indian IT firms like Infosys, Wipro, TCS, and Tech Mahindra, are diversifying their offering and displaying leading ideas in " Blockchain", "Artificial Intelligence ", " IoT", "Cloud computing, and big data and they depend on the skilled network and digital technology workforce.

So it’s a huge demand for technically skilled people. However, the number of people working and studying technology simply will not match the expected demand. 

Individuals who study networking as a professional skill with Cisco certification will get a big advantage in carrier opportunities. This technology skill will be required in, industries for all emerging technology support like Cloud computing, Artificial intelligence, Io T, etc. 

All technology industries offer a high value for those people who are Cisco certified. It’s a very important reason why you should learn networking technology and do Cisco certification.

2. Global acceptance,

If you are skilled or upgrade yourself in networking technology and complete certification then you will be recognized anywhere in the world. Networking standards are global that is why there is always a high demand all over the world. So Global acceptance is another vital reason for choosing networking as a career. job opportunities will be high globally. 

"Cisco certification" is in the highest demand in the networking technology field. Cisco-certified professionals are in high demand all over the world in the networking technology field. 

So chances of getting employment opportunities will increase once you complete the networking basic and advanced courses along with cisco certification.

Cisco-certified professionals work in different global organizations all over the world. They require to support different scale business that needs data networking and to connect to the internet for their business purpose. Such networking professionals build data networks for essential communications.

The industry offers a good pay structure to a Cisco-certified professional for their organization. You can get a good position also being a cisco certified professional as per the requirement.

You can fulfill your dream of international travel is a cisco certified professional, for its global requirement. As soon as you complete networking skill learning and cisco certification, it will open the door of opportunity in your life. I am writing this from my personal experience.

3. Simple prerequisite,

Due to simple prerequisites, it's an easy networking career path. The prerequisite for this networking career is only an interest in the technology field and high schools pass standards. If you have completed high school or graduated and have an interest in the technology field then you can start skilling yourself in this technology for a networking carrier. 

Many training centers are available and you can start your study on networking and complete the certification. You can also visit Cisco sites to get the details of cisco certification courses and decide the exact path, which you want to learn.

4. Emerging technology trend. 

The recent advancing technology trend is another reason for skilling in networking technology. Emerging technology like Cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, etc. opens the job opportunity. If you are interested in technology and want to work in any of that technology field then you should learn networking technology for a better understanding of that functionality.

5. Essential for Programing.

Networking skills are essential for programming because things in networking are changing very fast. To implement the program on a network, basic network protocol knowledge is required like HTTP, TCP/IP, etc.. how those work. CCNA can be a good beginning step for that. 

Take an example of SDN ( Software Defined Network ), which uses software-based controllers or application programming. Its interfaces (APIs) communicate with hardware-based infrastructure and send traffic on a network.

This is not like a traditional network using dedicated hardware devices like routers, and switches for controlling network traffic. The virtual network through SDN can be created and controlled or it can control traditional network hardware devices through software.

However, the future is programming, and networking technology is also essential which you cannot avoid.

Cisco network academy is also a good choice for learning networking technology for carrier skilling. CCNA certification from Cisco has a high demand for all technology organizations and non-technology organizations. It is the best choice for someone who wants to start his career in the computer networking field.

Hope you have understood the reason for choosing computer networking as a career. Request your comments in the comment box if you find this article helpful to you. Thanks for visiting.  

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