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Why computer security is important?

 Computer security

Introduction to computer security and related security threats.

It will be very early now to predict what will happen next, however, it’s clear that remote working will now be more permanent in many organizations. Whether its employees working from home, students engaging in distance learning, or family and friends catching up using the internet and video conferencing, there is in fact a new normal emerging remote connectivity and collaboration.

Now focus on securing the modern workplace. These organizational shifts have made all personal and confidential business data are an attractive target for cybercriminals. Since traditional home networks are considered less secure than "enterprise network", remote users "computer" systems using the internet can be perceived as a weak security link and thus more prone to "cyberattacks". According to a study, 86% of business executives agreed data breaches are more likely to occur when employees are working out of the office. 


So, for remote use of the computer, we are using the internet and the Internet has changed our lives in many good ways. However, this massive network and its related technologies opened an increasing number of security threats that you may not aware of. The awareness of standard " cybersecurity " practices can extend the protection of your computer and network from different threats and attacks. Writing this article on  “Why Computer Security is important?” as an introduction to computer security and its key concepts.

What is computer security?

It’s a protection process of computer systems and information, from unauthorized use, harm, and theft. This is the process of preventing and detecting unauthorized use of a computer system. Various types of "computer security" are there, which used widely to protect the "valuable information of a computer". It may "personal information" or PI and organizational data.

Different type of computer security is available in the market and those are widely used to “ safeguard your personal information and important data”  kept on the computer. 

Different Types of computer security which is required for computer protection.

Computer Information security

Information security:
How you can secure your information? Information can be secure through access restriction of computer or information systems like personal computers, laptops, servers, etc. Access restriction will restrict unauthorized access to your computer and protect your data from deletion and modification.

Network Security: Its means, creating a secure environment in the data network where computer and other equipment will be connected. Network security will be ensuring protection unauthorized traffic from the internet or external to the internal network (mostly local Area network, LAN). Using “Firewall security” you can ensure the network isolation from the external network (internet) to the internal network.

Application Security: It's securing computer applications by configuring security application features. It's secure at the application level which can prevent data or code from stole or hijacked during the development and design process. It also extends the protection post-deployment also. 

Application security is more important as applications are accessible through various networks and the internet which increases the risk factor for security threats and breaches.

So “application security” and “network security” both are very important now.

"Computer Security" which means securing a personal computer or laptop, maybe it’s a standalone machine by keeping it updated with the latest operating system and a patch update. 

A standalone computer device always gets connected with the internet which carrying risk from cyber attackers if it does not have any protection. “Antivirus software” is essential for the protection of such a computer and without having this protection your computer may get infected and hackers can easily damage, theft your data. 

It can “prevent cyber threats “such as SQL injection, DoS attacks, data breaches and etc. latest Microsoft OS WIN 10 version itself having such protection through windows defender which need to enable along with” Firewall security “in your computer. “Cybersecurity“ is well-defined “protection process for data security system”, which communicates over the computer networks.

So, a computer system which needs to be protected through defining security controls. Components of the computer also need to be protected. So, what are those components?

Computer hardware like the physical part of the computer, the system memory, and disk drive. Protection of these also important to protect data loss. Password protection and encryption ensure to prevent data loss.

Computer software like operating systems, internet browsers, etc needs to protect. 

What are computer security threats?

Computer security threats are probable risks that can possibly damage the normal functioning of your computer. In the present time, cyber threats are constantly increasing due to the massive utilization of the internet, and also the "world is going digital". Find the most harmful types of computer "threats" are as below: 

Computer security threats

Computer Security Practices,

With the growing internet uses, “computer security threats” are becoming increasing. It is intended for information and resources to safeguard against these complex and growing computer security threats. People often think that computer security is something technical and it's complicated but it's actually very simple. Here are the basic, important things you should do to make yourself safer online and stay safe when you are online. Find some preventive steps you can follow for the safety measures:

Secure your computer by:

Installing licensed software and a licensed operating system.

Installing reliable, reputable security and "antivirus software".

Activating your computer "firewall". It can act as a security wall between your system and an external network like the internet. Implementing "firewall security" acts as a security protection system for the network and keeps segregation between the internet and your local area network and it acts as "internet security". 

Always allow the latest update for installed software like OS update, Antivirus patch update, and keep yourself up-to-date on the availability of the latest software.

Don’t open or allow clicking on unknown emails and attachments.

Follow the "password policy" and change passwords regularly, using a unique combination of numbers, letters and case types.

Learn the basic aspects of "computer security" and keep up to date yourself on evolving  " cyberthreats".

Antivirus scanning is very important, perform daily full system scans. Ensure enabling periodic system backup schedule to protect your data so in case of any issue you can retrieve your data.

Encryption is another process which you can do for your system, Heard drive data protection.  

There are many ways you can protect your computer system apart from these. 

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In this digital age, every one of us wants to keep our computers and our personal information safe. For this reason, computer security is very important for us to keep our personal information protected. By enabling computer security, you will be preventing viruses and malware which would impact system performance.

If this article helped you to understand the requirement of computer security and got some idea on cyberthreat and necessary security actions requirement. Request you to share your comments to support and encourage me to publishing more such an article on this

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