Top 9 Key skills you need to develop.

 Key skills for new job

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Top 9 key skills assessment, which you need to develop for your career and 

new job opportunity

You know that this “coronavirus pandemic” created a job crisis in the job market. All Business houses facing a crisis, due to this COVID-19 pandemic issue. Globally all industries are in crisis, and it's badly impacted job opportunities. 

So, how to get a new job?  and what is that which really differentiates you as a candidate from another candidate for a “new job opportunity”? What are those “skills” which you should focus on and develop?

Observing the situation, I started writing this for those job seekers who want to remain a step ahead of the competition. It’s important for you to know as a candidate that what are those “key skills” which are most wanted “job skills” are in today’s workplace.

Our most "important skills" which the company HR focus on initially was that employees should have required know-how and the eligible academic qualifications. 

However, company HR focus on additional important skills that every candidate should have because every employer and recruits realized that they can train the smart individual as per their business requirement or any specific role. These skill sets are critical thinking, soft skills, and some basic competency in a few areas of expertise.

If you want yourself to differentiate from other candidate and  to get your dream job, or wants to excel in the career which you are already doing, then you should go through the below “ key skills “, queries and answer honestly, so you can evaluate what is your stand for and find a way to refinement the areas you are not doing well or week. 

Go through this below self skill assessment and get the evaluation details in your email. 

Hope you have evaluated yourself honestly from your inside and understood what you need to develop. You should be aware of below 9 key important skills: 


For “self-confidence” you require self believe. If you do not believe in yourself, your skills, and your abilities, then how you can expect that anyone will believe you. You should have the confidence within yourself and ensure everyone accepts you as someone that you having the ability to pull through whatever situation comes your way.

Problem Solving skill

2. Problem-solving abilities.

This skill has a very high demand. Decision-making and problem-solving skill require self-confidence and knowledge. This is the skill that distinguishes between two employees rather than among employees. The ability to use critical thinking to rationalize a decision will set an individual apart.

Ability to plan, organize and execute

3. Ability to plan, organize, and prioritize the work.

As an individual do you have the ability to plan and organize the work? If yes then it is a very valuable skill. You have to give special attention to planning and have to ensure to keep up with all the deadlines you are given.

Sticking on assigned timelines and providing pieces of information with ease and speedy way indicates that he/she remains on top of things and can always be expected to deliver the required task or information. Similarly, understanding which prioritizes definitely is an important skill.

Balance Multiple Responsibilities

4. Multiple responsibilities.

Employers look for someone who is willing to try out different things, and take different multiple wears multiple responsibilities at the same time, deal with different projects and individuals. This skill is very important which all employer looks for such people who can take such responsibility. 

Communication skills


This is the most important skill which perhaps the first set of skills that potential employers will notice. From the initial moment you get in touch with them, the employer will be observing the way you behave.

Your "telephonic" talk quality, your emailing skill on email, your resume, and cover letter, how you present yourself during the interview, will be evaluating whether you have polished communication skills. 


Someone having analytical and strong research skills differentiates one employee from the other. It proves your willpower, your ability to assess different situations, and your commitment to be 100% sure before giving any answer to your employer. It shows the difference between a poorly thought-out idea and something that may give the company a huge profit!

You should take the time to analyze the situation, check out all possible situations, and if possible, do some research work to find out more.

7. Leadership and Management skills.

Top management observe whether you have the ability to manage people or not? it is a very powerful skill that the employer tries to find out. As a leader you should have the capability to lead a team and inspire every individual to do the right things, guide them, and monitor their progress in every step. Being the leader of a group, you should have the ability to manage every team individuals in a way that does not obstruct their progress and not insult their judgment is highly desirable in today’s workplace.

It is essential to have managers who know how to lead and manage teams in a way that all employees can come up with their own strength of doing good things. Displaying strong management/leadership skills are, therefore, a big advantage in today’s working world.

8. Flexibility and Adaptability.

This is the ability to manage many assignments with a flexible approach to work in the ever-changing situation, management, environment appreciating rules.

You should be flexible enough to accept any change in case of a business requirement. You should be willing to work in a different changing environment, to adapt from one working environment to the next, or even from one type of assignment to another, is a big advantage. It reflects the individual’s commitment to the organization and will help their career progression.

9. Accept criticism and learn from that.

Irrespective of age and experience, everyone can learn from the workplace, and one should always be open to accept new information that can enhance skills and abilities. If a person demonstrates an attitude that is appreciative of feedback, it can be assumed that he/she is willing to learn.


Job conditions are constantly changing and developing, and employees should show that they are open to growing and learning, either by experiencing new situations, by training, or even by listening and learning from criticism. Above 9 important “type of skills, “you should focus on and develop along with other “employment skills” like interpersonal skills, public speaking skills, Computer skills.

Do you agree with me that these 9 skills are important? Please share your comment in the comment box.

Also, if you know any other skills that can be added here, please let me know through your comment in the comment box. Your views are very important to me for growing further and please do not forget to share these 9 skills with your friends for their awareness.

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