Russia Coronavirus vaccine: Is it safe?

 Russia Coronavirus vaccine: Is it safe?

 Russia Coronavirus vaccine: What Country leading Doctor saying?

We all are eagerly waiting for a vaccine since the COVID-19 outbreak and a global race was started to find a vaccine since that day. Every one of us worried about this infection and waiting long for a vaccine. There was an announcement of the world’s first vaccine which introduced against the novel coronavirus by Russia. 

President of Russia, Vladimir Putin announced about coronavirus vaccine and which will be on the market very soon. The Russian head of state claimed that the Sputnik V vaccine is successfully tested and it can be effective against this coronavirus or COVID 19 virus. Russia has become the first nation to complete the human trials of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Now the question is whether this vaccine will be effective for us?  Are there any immediate side effects after use? Or are there any long-run side effects? There is no such report published by the researcher or the Russian Govt. So doubt remains on the effectiveness of this Russian vaccine. 

This ‘Sputnik V’ vaccine, has been approved By Russia for use, which has triggered widespread criticism from scientists and health experts mentioning the safety concerns, because of the absence of proper clinical data. 

How effective this Russian vaccine?

The country’s top doctor has claimed that the Russian COVID-19 vaccine named ‘Sputnik V’ is simple, effective, and can be trusted. The same reported by Sputnik Newsagency, Mosco. The Russian head of state claimed that the Sputnik V vaccine is successfully tested and it can be effective against this coronavirus or COVID 19 virus. Russia has become the first nation to complete the human trials of the COVID-19 vaccine. 

The Centre for Clinical Research on Medications at Sechenov University, Chief researcher Elena Smolyarchuk, expressed in front of a Russian news agency ( TASS) , that the research and human trials for the vaccine have been completed, and its proved that the vaccine is safe. 

Russia Coronavirus vaccine: Is it safe?

As per, Russian President Vladimir Putin, he said that his country has approved the world's first coronavirus vaccine. Putin also said that it’s a "sustainable immunity" against the coronavirus, and also added that his own daughter was vaccinated. 

However, other country scientists are skeptical about the vaccine's effectiveness. As per them using it for mass people could be a serious problem before the final stage of successful testing and observation. Phase three trial and observation not done properly. 

Why doubt remains on this Sputnik V vaccine? 

Phase three trials of " Sputnik V" was mandatory before vaccination which is incomplete. So, doubt remains. As per researches and scientists, the Phase III trial is very important in releasing the vaccine in the market, which not followed properly. 

This phase three trial takes a few months to observe the effectiveness, which has not done in this case. In Phase III mainly three things observed. How safe is the vaccine, its effectiveness, and its side effects? short-term side effects are monitored up to Phase Two, long-term side effects are known in Phase Tree trials. So doubt remains on this vaccine.

For understanding long-term side effects three months of observation is not sufficient. It is not possible to understand. Now the question is how safe it is?  Are there any long-term side effects? So, the big doubt on the safety remains.

Russia Coronavirus vaccine: Is it safe?

However, according to Vladimir Putin, after the vaccination, tests showed that antibodies had been made in the body and it's safe and effective.  He also said that  "The vaccine has to be taken in two steps for long-term immunity. So for better effectiveness, you have to take two vaccines. 

Why you can trust this Vaccine?

However, deputy head of the anaesthesiology and resuscitation department at Moscow City Hospital Sergei Tsarenko said that the Russian vaccine developed by the Gamaleya Research Institute can be trusted. 

As per the report of Tsarenkom, demanded that vaccination is a safer and a reliable way to prevent deaths from Coronavirus, Doctors can still do so much in severe cases, although they have found ways to treat patients effectively. 

Russia Coronavirus vaccine: Is it safe?

Why this Russian vaccine named " Sputnik V"?

The Sputnik V vaccine consists of two components, according to the Doctor. “The first is a harmless adenovirus, a ‘rocket carrier’ that transports the second component, a piece of the COVID-19 genome ( A Genome is an  organism's complete set of DNA, including all of its Genes) or, an orbital station into a human body, added Tsarenko, describing that the process using like space technology which gave the name of the vaccine which is rare ' Sputnik V"  

 Why the Second injection is needed?

A leading Russian doctor said that the human body produces an immune response to both the ‘carrier’ and the ‘station’, it only gives short-term benefit, hence a second injection is needed. “In order to make the immunity more permanent, the same ‘orbital station’ is delivered into the body three weeks later, using another ‘carrier’. 

As a result, the body doesn’t produce strong immunity to either of the adenoviruses (A group of viruses that use DNA as their genetic material and commonly cause respiratory and eye infections), but forms a strong defense against the coronavirus”, the doctor explained.

As per them, the institute had developed the method, also known as viral vectors, a long time ago. It has since been tested in several vaccines developed against other diseases such as Ebola and MERS. “It’s as simple as all ingenious things in the world” and so far no one else has managed to achieve it, Tsarenko added.

Conclusion: Though this vaccine test of third trial not gone through the required duration and observation but as per leading Russian Doctor this virus is safe, effective, and can be trusted. I believe that this is Russia and we can trust their research. 

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Reference: "  A leading Russian doctor has claimed that the country's coronavirus vaccine dubbed ‘Sputnik V’ is simple, effective and can be trusted "

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