Can your home Wi-Fi be hacked?

home Wi-Fi can be hacked

 How to protect your home network or home Wifi?

This is a big concern, Your home Wi-Fi is protected enough? Due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation, most of the people are doing work from home and they need a secure connection. 

Presently cyber attack is a big concern and you should protect your home Wi-fi network also from hackers. Technology advancement has changed our lifestyle and also unlocked the chances of different types of threats. The most significant connected devices in our homes are computers, phones through a home-based Wi-Fi network.

This Wi-Fi network can be hacked in many ways if you are not using a good router, internet security with world-class protection, which in turn can protect your network, computer, and mobile devices from viruses and other external threats.

Cyber Attack

Hackers can access your network to do several things, downloading unlawful entertainment files like music playlists and videos, and even theft your personal information, which is more dangerous. 

If you are worried about the security of your home network then it’s better to buy a good router avoiding the router which comes with a bundle with your internet connection. You can also buy a router choosing from Amazon (below is the link given) site Online.


Can a Wi-Fi router be hacked?

Yes, the Wi-Fi router can be hacked. Hope you know the recent news of Chines hacker and their activity. The entire world is busy fighting against COVID-19 but there is another concern of Chinese hackers they are desperate to hack any network any device. 

So it should be a concern for you also. Your router can be hacked and you will not get any sign about that. Yeah, It’s possible by using a technique called DNS technology (Domain Name Server) hijacking, any hackers can break your network security of your home Wi‑Fi and can put you in a great problem. 

Simply they can redirect your traffic to a web­site run by them and can collect all your personal data during your transactions, they can collect credit card numbers or Facebook login credentials. 

You should check whether your home net­­work is secure or not, that should not be using a free and web-based online router manager service. You should ensure this service from a trustful and reputable cybersecurity brand. 

Computers and phones are the most important connected device in our home but a weak router lead to infecting and hacked them. 

What action can ensure your home WIFI can’t be hacked?

There are multiple things you can do which can protect your Wi-Fi network from hackers.

Choosing a good strong password is one of the vital steps you should take immediately to protect Wi-Fi network access. Follow the below password guidance for your reference and create the password accordingly. The password should get changed at some intervals.

Password Protection Guideline:

  1. Change if any default passwords are there.
  2. Password must contain both upper- and lower-case characters.
  3. Ensure that passwords have numeric numbers, special characters ex.) !@#$%^&
  4. Passwords must be equal to or more than 8 alphanumeric characters and/or is a passphrase.

If you create the password remembering the above points then you will make secure your network in the first step.

Secondly, there is another password in the router which you need to change. The administrator's password of a router needs to change. 

Change your WIFI router admin password manually. In case you forget the admin password you can reset it anytime by resetting the router which will reset the password back to the default.

Third, hide your SSID and IP. SSID is your network name (like net killers Wi-Fi) and you can hide it so that it’s not visible to others. Typically, name your Wi-Fi signal to "XXX WIFI", and leave it public. 

Hide your IP to minimize the chance of someone seeing it. If they can't see it by normal means, they won't know it's there and thus won't try to access it. 

Forth, IP Filtering, Will help to blocks your IP address, however, it’s also true that hackers know how to easily change an IP address.

The fifth is MAC Filtering, this is also a very secure method for MAC users because it blocks the device via the unique hardware address that is given out during the manufacturing process.

As extra prevention on your system to protect from network hacker, you can check which protocol it's using, if your router is still using WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy is a security algorithm for IEEE 802.11 wireless networks. 

Earlier it was introduced as part of the original 802.11 standard ratified in 1997, its intention was to provide data confidentiality comparable to that of a traditional wired network.) as a security method. 

That means that your router is very old and it’s vulnerable to cyber-attacks, though in recent days (means past five years or more than that) all new routers protocols have been changed to WAP, those routers support a more secure authentication protocol called WPA or WPA2. 

You can check this by logging in to your router from your laptop or computer where you can find the Wireless Settings and choose your preferred authentication protocol. Also, make sure you change the WPA2 password as per the password direction given already in this article. 

These steps will ensure that your home Internet network isn’t used by hackers. 

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