what is cyber warfare attacks?

                                       Recent alert on Chines attacks

Alert on  "Cyber warfare" attacks raised by Indian secret agencies to all government, private sector, financial organisations, universities and defence sector.  As per recent news reports, that CHINA has enabled his cyber army for a cyber attack to India, this is a technology warfare. Security alert, already raised by Indian secret agencies. Report says,  that India’s major establishments and important departments are in the target of cyber attacks of China and Pakistan. This attack can not only leak the important information of India, but can also stop the essential work of all the sectors of India.

China and Pakistan targeted India for cyber attack because the cyber attack can do the damage which missile cannot. In the last few years, India has suffered major cyber attacks. It was affected badly to the functioning of the PMO of India, some Indian Government important departments. Cyber attacker ​​groups of China and Pakistan have been continuously attacking the important establishments of India. Pakistani terrorists and Cines army now using the internet as the biggest weapon to carry out their plans on a large scale along with cyber attack. They are all now expanding themselves through the Internet, whether it is an Islamic State or a long-standing Pakistan-backed terrorist organization of Kashmir.

Though security agencies know that terrorist organizations using  Internet facilities like, telegram, radio signal, calling card dark web, WhatsApp, virtual private network (VPN), i-column or, mark book plaza, marigold and the amnesic incognito live system (tales) ) using an app. It is not very easy for the security agencies to get hold of these apps. If an agency detects an app, the terrorists immediately acquire another app or calling card.

As per senior official of security agencies, expansion of their organization by terrorists through the Internet which was started two or three years ago. The process from promotion to recruitment is going on all over the internet. Raising funds, training and targets are all happening through the Internet.

These Pakistani terrorist group using social media extensively for its publicity, but they were caught somewhere on Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp. People associated with this organization created hundreds of fake accounts one after the other. An NIA official believes that the way terror organizations are moving ahead by making the Internet a big weapon, for this, the government will have to talk to companies providing Internet services and app makers. Investigation agencies are facing a lot of difficulty in reaching out to these organizations.

What is this warfare?

Attack using technical platform to any country breaching their data security. In such attacks mainly use of technical platform to attack a nation, causing comparable harm which may happen as an actual warfare. Which missile can not harm but cyber attack can harm equally. Its a computer- or network-based conflict involving politically motivated attacks by a country on another country. In these types of attacks, country performers or cyber attacker attempt to disrupt the activities of organizations or countries, especially for strategic or military purposes. 

Although this type of  warfare generally refers to cyber attacks committed by one the attacker country like China or Pakistan on another country like India, it can also describe attacks by terrorist groups or hacker groups aimed at advancing the goals of particular nations. It can be difficult to finally point cyberattacks to a country  when those attacks are carried out by advanced persistent threat (APT) attackers, and such attacks can often be linked to a specific country. 

While there are a number of examples of suspected cyber attacks in recent history, there has been no formal, agreed definition on this, which experts generally agree would be a cyberattack that directly leads to loss of life.

What type of Cyberattack are there?

Infrastructure and military systems can be damaged through viruses, computer worms and  malware,  which can impact to the water supplies, transportation systems, power grids, critically.  

We know about denial-of-service (DoS) attacks, cybersecurity events that occur when attackers take control to prevent genuine users from accessing targeted computer systems, devices or other network resources. Hackers hacking the system and theft of critical data from institutions,  governments and businesses. Recently ransomware attacks holds computer systems hostage until the victims pay money to the attackers.

What are the objectives of a cyber attack?

According to Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), the goal of those engaged in this to “weaken, disrupt or destroy  to achieve their goals. Cyber attacks are also used to spread conflict to destabilize the government. For example, according to Report On The Investigation Into Russian Interference In The 2016 Presidential Election, by Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller, III, Russia’s Internet Research Agency “used social media accounts and interest groups to spread conflict in the U.S. political system through what it termed ‘information warfare.’ The campaign evolved from a generalized program designed in 2014 and 2015 to undermine the U.S.  electoral system, to a targeted operation that by early 2016 favoured candidate Trump and demeaned candidate Clinton.” 

Where cyber attacks can happen?

Cybercriminals targeting to attack the government’s critical infrastructure, including transportation systems, banking systems, power grids, water supplies, dams, hospitals and critical manufacturing. The threat of cyber-attacks increases, when those critical systems are increasingly connected to the internet. Even if these systems can be properly secured, they can still be hacked by agents recruited by attacker country to find weaknesses and exploit them. 

Cyber attacks on infrastructure can shatter a country. For example, attacks on a countries’ utility systems can cause chaos by causing extensive power outages, but an attacker with access to hydropower grids could also possibly cause flooding by opening dams.

Cyberattacks on a government’s computer systems also crucial. Such attacks can prevent government officials from communicating with one another, enable attackers to steal secret communications, or release employee and citizen personal data, such as Social Security numbers and tax information, to the public to make chaos. Cyber attackers target to destroy, theft the vital data if proper data protection not imposed. Country sponsored attacker  or military sponsored attackers might also hack the military technology network databases of their enemies to get information on troop locations, as well as what kind of arms and equipment, they are using.

We know about Distributed Denial of Service ( DDoS ) attacks, which continue to increase around the world. Cyber attackers are expected to be leveraged for conducting cyber warfare using DDos. Attackers are using distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack methods to hit government bodies with massive sustained bandwidth attacks, and at the same time infecting them with spyware and malware to steal or destroy data. These attacks may insert wrong information into the networks of their targets to create chaos and outages. Read about cybersecurity awareness which can help to understand about cyber threat and the protection.  

Indian army is ready to give a suitable reply to Chin, Pakistan against cyber attack. In Indian Army, a new command is being created for all the three wings of the Indian defence. This new command will be Cyber Command, its operational since last one year, which will not only protect against strong cyber attack from outside but will also give reply to attackers. Our Three parts of the Indian defence used to conduct their annual exercises separately. SIBEREX, a new type of cyber warfare practice is going to take place. Cyber-attack is not new to us,  In last October 2019, “ The Nuclear Power Corporation of India (NCPIL)  confirmed that there was indeed a cyberattack on the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant (KKNPP) in Tamil Nadu “  report says.    

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