Boycott made in China.

                        Boycott made in China products 

We should not buy anything from China. Stop purchasing products of CHINA, whether its physical products or software applications, or any services. Presently entire world suffering due to this CHINA virus. The entire world against CHINA except for a few covered countries like PAKISTAN, NEPAL, and North Korea. 
Though it's not so easy to boycott made in china products overnight we can start the mission of refusing Chinese products now and make this mission successful. All over India, this protest going on and it's a recent important News of India. 

87% of Indians ready to stop buying Chinese products, Read the Times of India survey...https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india

We all know that we lost 20 Indian soldiers who were killed by the Chines army in a clash with Chinese forces in a disputed Ladakh border area recently. This is the first deadly clash in the border area at least after 45 years. Since 1967 Chines attacked us multiple times,  The Nathu La clashes started on 11 September 1967, since then it is continuing.  
Indian Army at Nathula Border

In 1962, The Sino-Indian War happened, this also known as the Indo-China War and Sino-Indian Border Conflict. This war was a war between these two-country that occurred in 1962. China always create dispute since 1962 and still they continuing and attacking India. At that time it was a disputed Himalayan border, which was the main cause of the war, but other issues also played a role. 
Indian Army at Indo China Border 

There had been a series of violent border battles between the two countries after the 1959 Tibetan uprising. India started a defensive forward Policy from 1960 to delay Chinese military patrols and logistics, in which it placed outposts along the border, including north of the McMahon Line, the eastern portion of the Line of Actual Control declared by Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai in 1959. 
So if you see the history, due to Chines aggressive policy we lost our soldiers since 1961-62. China can not be our friend so why we are using Chines products? We should start refusing Chines products from all corners of our country and globally. 

Chin is our enemy and their people also our enemy. Chinese products are chip, and occupying the Indian market, earning huge profits for their country. The reason for boycotting Chin also includes their Government aggressive policy against a neighboring country, recent Coronavirus various pandemic outbreak, Indo china territorial conflicts. 

We should change our buying habits of purchasing Chinese products and instead start purchasing Indian products or any other country products. Whenever you are going to purchase anything for your need just see whether it is “made in china” or not. If it is not “made in china”, then do the purchase.

How you identify the manufacturing country seeing the BARCODE?  

The Initial 3 digits of the barcode are the country code of the manufacturing country. Wherein the product was made this code has to mention in the BARCODE. For Example, all the barcodes start with 690.691. 692 until 695 are all MADE IN CHINA, like the first 3  digits are 690-695 then it is Made in ChinaFor your further information that Chinese products also come with the name “made in PRC”, so avoid “made in PRC” also. PRC means the People's Republic of China.

When you are going to purchase any new product  if you find the word “made in china” or the BARCODE mentioning those codes in your purchase, then think about the alternative product, it may be made in India or from any other country like, South Korea or made in Taiwan or made in Japan etc. Purchase that alternative product only. For example, I have a Samsung phone that is made in Korea. Slowly it will be a habit to avoid “made in china” and shop keepers will order the products from India or any other countries like Korea, Japan or some other country but not from china. 

Replacing medicine will take some time but until then you can use “made in china” products if no alternative is there, but except for medicine, we should start boycotting other CHINA products, though it will take time. 

For your further information, Chines mobile software we should stop using those as those is vulnerable from your personal data security point of view.  Maximum people of India using smartphones and the internet which is increasing daily. This is the reason, India has become the world’s fastest-growing mobile app market over the past few years. More than  1.3 billion potential consumers are using many apps which user successfully download their apps. However, as per the survey,  Chinese apps are ruling the Indian app market as many users have chosen to download them Chines applications. Find these popular applications list to remove from your phone if you are using those.  

      Most popular Chinese apps in Indian social content platforms: 
  • Helo and SHAREit: Social content platforms  
  • TikTok, and Kwai : Entertainment and short video apps  
  • UCBrowser and UCBrowser Mini: Web browser apps
  • LiveMe, Bigo Live, and Vigo Video: Video and live streaming apps.
  • BeautyPlus, Xender and Cam Scanner: Utility applications
  • PUBG, Clash of Kings, Mobile Legends: Gaming apps and software
  • ClubFactory, Shein, and Romwe: E-commerce applications.  

I said that there are multiple reasons to boycott this country. Presently tensions created by them at Indo-China border in recent weeks. Thousands of soldiers from these two countries are now facing to face, within a few hundred meters (yards) from each other in Ladakh’s Galway Valley. China has objected to India building a road through our valley. China has started creating problems across the Indian border in Ladak, Nepal, POK.  

Other countries like the US, UK, Australia, Italy, France, etc.. are also against China due to this Coronavirus pandemic outbreak. This coronavirus outbreak seriously affected thousands and millions of people Globally, Due to this global novel chines virus, people are in their homes in a lockdown condition, and its affecting relationships, health even workplace culture. Chinese virus created this crisis globally.  United States of America (USA ) and other countries are also against of Chines Government due to the intentional spread of Coronavirus worldwide and its effects. 

Our soldiers are on the border facing Chinese soldiers sacrificing their lives to protect our country, we can also stand with them refusing chines products inside the country as a true Indian. 

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