What is ISO compliance ?

This is all about " ISO compliance " and it's standards you. 

The International Organization for Standardization is an independent,  non-governmental organization. ISO members are from the standard organizations of the 164 members of different countries. ISO is the world's largest developer of voluntary international norms. ISO facilitates world trade by providing common norms among nations. They developed More than 20,000 standards that have been set, which are covering everything from manufactured products and technology for food safety, agriculture, and healthcare.

Using of the ISO standards help in the making of quality products and services that are safe, reliable, and of good quality. These norms help businesses increase productivity while minimizing errors and waste. Products from different markets can be compared, ISO norms enable the companies to enter new markets of global trade on a reasonable basis. The ISO norms also serve to safeguard consumers and the end-users of products and services, ensuring that certified products conform to the minimum norms set internationally.

Now hope you understood that ISO compliance means adhering to the requirements of ISO defined norms by formal certification and recertification process. For example, any organizations may choose to follow guidelines for establishing a quality management system or products as per ISO guidelines.

That means ISO certification provides independent validation for a company conformity to a set of rules created by the international organization ( ISO ) for standardization. The entire process can be long, so the organization prefers to focus on ISO compliant rather than ISO certification. A company can get a certificate of compliance that provides customer partners assurance and can be used to prove appropriate organizational structure to promote improvement.


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