Why network risk assessment is important?

                      'network risk assessment'

Network risk assessment is one of the best things you can do for your organization's information security, employee to ensure the control over your network, whether your business is large or small. Network risk assessment is a must and it helps to protect, reduce the cyber-attacks to your network. Cyber-attacks can impact your business severely. 
Every organization, Large or Small businesses should do network assessments in a regular manner to identify the gaps. 

This is an assessment of your organization network(s) your business and employees for their day to day activity. The assessment helps to identify the risks of your network technology, systems and sensitive data. 

Risk assessment identifies the associated risk in your network and data. Once the risk is known and identified, you can take action to reduce those risks to protect your network and data.

You don’t have to worry about risk assessment because risk assessment is a specialized activity that can be conducted by the certified, knowledgeable, experienced consultant or managed IT service provider only. 

Risk assessment mainly done through below-mentioned steps:

· IT assessment, Documentation, and report generation.
· Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration test analysis using tools.
· Policy and process compliance auditing.
. Certification,

During network risk assessment, all network devices in the network examined and analyzed.

Risk assessment mainly focused on how Information technology devices in the network are configured, managed. All devices (like router. switches, firewalls, servers, desktops, laptops etc.)  are configured as per organization policy or not? What are the protection measure taken to avoid data theft or loss? How physical security taken care etc. 

Remember, a network risk assessment is only the first step in the process of ensuring your network is secure. Once you know what your weaknesses are, you can begin to plug those security holes. 

This article is for your awareness on the best business practices to ensure business growth through secured network. If there’s anything we didn’t mention in details regarding network risk assessment, or you’d like to know more, reach out to me for further details.